Musical Opportunity for Weston Youth

If you know anyone interested in music between the ages of 15 and 24, here is a golden opportunity to learn from the experts. Outstanding band Soundcheck is offering free lessons for a year and they even include the use of an instrument. See the official poster below for the details.

Play Our Sound Poster Final!

Irving putting people to work

The Star has a great article on the ways that Irving Tissue and community groups are putting young people to work in Weston and Mount Dennis.

With the help of the United Way, the plant has partnered with Yorktown, Weston-Mount Dennis Action for Neighbourhood Change, York Youth Coalition, George Brown College and the city. Together, they have identified 13 area youth aged 19 to 29 and are providing them with job and life skills training as well as the mentoring they need to become potential employees.



Business as usual at City Hall

In spite of the nice shine that Mayor John Tory is putting on the work of running Toronto, for lobbyists and the councillors who meet with them and accept their money, it’s business as usual.

A typical example is the sad story of how eight massive highway billboards were imposed on the people of this city by councillors acting against the public good. Sadly, our own councillor, Frances Nunziata appears to be part of the problem. According to influential blogger and Toronto activist, Dave Meslin, Nunziata, met with billboard lobbyists Paul Sutherland (twice) and David Bordonali (three times), accepting campaign contributions from them both. By mere coincidence, Ms Nunziata then thought she knew better than City Staffers and the citizen Sign Advisory Committee (both of whom rejected the signs) and voted to impose these eyesore traffic distractions onto our landscape.

Apparently this is quite normal – if you’re ever puzzled by the voting patterns of councillors, and why they seem to vote against the public interest, lobbyists might be the answer to your question.

Read the awful details of this depressing story here.

Upcoming events

Tonight, Mike Sullivan will be hosting a film screening to celebrate Black History Month. The movie will be “The Road Taken” a documentary about the struggles of Black railway porters in the 1950s.  The movie will be 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the York Civic Centre, 2700 Eglinton Avenue West.

The York West Active Living Centre will be hosting a health fair on Tuesday March 17. They’ll be answering questions about their programs and facilities.

health fair flyer 2015


Accused Weston murderer’s trial begins

The trial of Mark Moore, the man accused of murdering two men in a drive-by shooting in Weston in 2010, has begun. Moore is being tried for the murders of four men across the city.

Moore was shot in the face and disfigured at 16 in his apartment building at 1765 Weston Road. He now is accused of killing Courthney Facey and Mike James in Weston, as well as Jahmeel Spence and Carl Cole in Scarborough.

Facey, 18, was a dancer and student at Weston CI. James was 23, deaf, and an apprentice chef. They were getting dinner and listening to music when they were murdered. They had no relation to Moore, and Moore’s accomplice, Kevin Williams “cannot say why Mark Moore shot the two men. All he can say (is) that they did nothing at all to provoke or call down upon themselves the hail of bullets that killed them”, according to the prosecutor.

Moore comes from a family that has long been in trouble with the law. One of his brothers, André, was accused of shooting a police officer in Weston. André Moore was murdered before his trial. Another brother was shot, and a third was arrested for stealing cars. The matriarch, Hyancinth Moore, is well known to police.

Prosecutors allege that Mark Garfield Moore went on a months-long shooting and terror spree in the summer and autumn of 2010. In addition to the four men his is alleged to have murdered, he accused of having shot up a night club, a woman’s house, and a schoolyard. He boasted of his many attacks to his friends and made YouTube videos of himself, portraying himself as a gangster and rapper.

Moore is already serving 12 years for a jewelry-store robbery that left one man shot. (Williams, his accomplice, is also in prison.)  While in prison, Moore assaulted Williams for being a police informer.