Leaf collection creates stir

Who knew? Only parts of Toronto get mechanical leaf collection. In fact, only parts of Weston get leaf collection.  Few streets north of Church get it, and no street south of the village does. Now Frances Nunziata is pushing the apparent unfairness of this; she and InsideToronto are saying that the city needs to be more equitable.

From Nunziata's office

Leaf collection in Weston

Nunziata told InsideToronto that “It would make sense that the city should implement it city-wide…. There are some places that you can’t because of on-street parking. But maybe the city should go out and collect the leaves.”

Nonsense. This is great politics, but it’s terrible economics. It would be silly, for instance, to collect leaves on Dundas St W, where I used to live: There are very few trees. It makes much sense to collect them in the Weston where flooding has been a problem (leaves clog catch basins) and there are many trees.

Even my kids know that fairness doesn’t mean treating everyone the same (if it did, we’d have a subway). Fairness means treating people right. It might make perfect economic sense to clear the streets of Weston.

TC3’s Season Debut Concert – November 29.

Toronto Children’s Concert Choir & Performing Arts Company (TC3) is more than a choir. Bringing together young people ages 7 to 18 from across the Greater Toronto area, TC3’s mission is to promote, develop and encourage youth through inspirational song, dance and Afro-Caribbean drumming. The focus is always on establishing excellence, holistic development and first-rate performance.

For TC3’s season debut, there will be two performances at 2:00pm and 6:30pm held at Weston Park Baptist Church at Weston and Lawrence.

Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door.


SmartTrack grinding the wheels

That didn’t take long.

The Toronto Sun reports that John Tory’s SmartTrack proposal—which will be built through Mount Dennis—may be impossible to build in the time Tory allotted. Of particular concern: one expert says it might be best to start diesel, then convert the train, later, to electric.

“The electrification, to me, is the most problematic,” Mars said, adding the lines are currently busy with freight traffic.

“Even if you have the (rail) lines freed up, you have operating agreements, and it’s going to be electrified, I almost stop and say ‘Whoa, baby.’”

“I don’t see electrification in seven years,” he said. “That’s a completely different animal.”

As a backup, Tory’s team may want to plan for the initial pieces of SmartTrack to be powered by diesel, with an eye to transitioning to electrification, he said.


Big weekend

It’ll be a huge weekend in Weston.

On Saturday, the library will celebrate its centennial with an all-day hoopla. Be there and be square.

On Sunday, the Santa Claus Parade will take over town. The big show starts at 2, and there will be lots to do. At 10, GO Transit will be having a thank-you just down the street.

Police seek wanted man

12 Division police are looking for a man wanted for assault. He was last seen in Weston.

Damian Martin, 29, was seen on Thursday, November 13, in the area of Jane and Church. He is wanted for assault with a weapon and assault causing bodily harm.

He is 5’8″ and about 170 pounds. If you see him, call 911. NR.30484.1415981189


Nunziata: Rosemont Social Club operators cleared.

email from Councillor Nunziata

email from Councillor Nunziata – click to expand.

On Thursday, Councillor Nunziata issued a letter to constituents that reads a bit like an obituary. It concerns the social club that readers may remember was the subject of intense scrutiny along with a community meeting last September. Residents had expressed concern at the increased levels of parking (near the businesses at the Lawrence end of Rosemount Avenue) along with groups of older Somali men standing outside and (horror of horrors) socializing. At the meeting, the councillor made a commitment to put pressure on the club by attempting to link their activities to the restaurant operating a couple of doors up the street. In addition, parking control was instructed to step up surveillance to catch and tag vehicles parked illegally.

In her letter, Ms. Nunziata mourns the fact that in spite of her best efforts, the city has not only failed to find evidence of ‘operating a social club against the zoning bylaws’ but the club has actually been issued an ‘eating establishment licence’. Residents are asked to be vigilant and contact the councillor if any ‘problematic activities’ are observed.

WestonWeb would never accuse the councillor or her constituents of opposing the establishment of a business because of the skin colour of club members. This after all is 2014 and that could never happen here in Weston surely? It might be a good idea, now that strong-arm tactics have failed, to work with the owners of the establishments involved and find accommodation rather than confrontation. Perhaps it’s time to call a truce.
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