Doug Ford campaigns in Weston

Doug Ford made his first campaign stop at a fundraiser for the local Frontlines organization, according to John Nunziata. Ford is a close ally of the Nunziatas—who are both running for city councillor positions.

Frances Nunziata was the first councillor to endorse Rob Ford in the last municipal election, and she was rewarded for her support and her long-term friendship with the influential position of council Speaker.

This time around, Frances Nunziata, as far as your humble correspondent knows, has not formally endorsed a mayoral candidate. (She did not respond to my request for comment.) Last night, however, she campaigned with Doug Ford and her brother in Ward 12.

(From L to R) John Nunziata, Doug Ford, someone I don’t know, and Frances Nunziata

Thanks to Melissa for the tip.



Restaurant round up

The head and the heart are so often in conflict, but never more than in matters of pizza. My heart breaks when pizza joints fall from their places in the firmament. This week was bad—but not as bad as that week when I learned that supermodels are genetically men (come back when you’re done, okay?).

Weston BBQ Chicken and Pizza got yellow carded this month for a litany of bad choices, including:

  • Not taking the garbage out
  • Not cleaning the bathroom
  • Not having hand-washing supplies
  • Not providing pest control.

Pizza Alps got yellowed for

  • Not keeping hazardous food cold
  • Not covering food.

Pizza Pizza also got a two significant warnings:

  • Not having soap
  • Not having toilet paper.


Free money!

No, seriously, free money.

If you have an idea for a sports project that needs a little capital, Game on Toronto! has money to give away. You should want to

  • Encourage people from diverse backgrounds to learn and play sports together
  • Re-energize existing sport programs
  • Introduce or establish new sport
  • Build sport volunteerism through skills development and trainin

A lot of money is up for grabs. The city will give your sports league—seriously—up to $50,000.

But sports aren’t for everyone.

150 young people are being recruited for the Youth In Policing after-school program.

Candidates must be from a priority neighbourhood (Weston is one), between 15 and 18, in school, and must not have a criminal record. They will shadow police on the job (when it’s safe, obviously).

A candidate in, a candidate out

Rob and Doug Ford made most of the news yesterday, but the candidate list for Ward 11, which includes Weston, also changed at the last minute.

Daniel Winer, a young man who had thrown his hat in the ring for Ward 11, dropped out. Jose Garcia jumped in. Dory Chalhoub and the incumbent Frances Nunziata stayed in the race.

Nunziata will be hosting a kickoff barbecue today at her campaign office, at 2051 Weston Road, from 1 to 3 in the afternoon. All are welcome.

In related news, John Nunziata, Frances Nunziata’s brother, and a former MP for Weston, entered the race for the other York South—Weston riding, Ward 12, just over Jane. John Nunziata served as MP from 1984 to 2000 as a Liberal and an Independent. He was later charged with assault and fined $10,000 for lying under oath.