Weston history safe!

Cherri Hurst has good news: the three threatened historical items have found homes.

The wagon, buggy, and sleigh are going to facilities owned by Irving Tissue and Lionel’s Farm, the company from whom the WHS rents horses for the Santa Claus Parade.


Cherri gives props to Marion from the BIA for helping out.


Lions Park steps almost ready.

The view from the top and the first of the two ‘decks’.

The much delayed steps that lead from Hickory Tree Road down to the soccer pitch are almost ready. The steps replace an old wooden set that was falling apart and required constant maintenance. I spoke to a worker who told me that they should be completed by the end of the week.

The steps were made in sections and shipped from Ayr, Ontario. They have been redesigned somewhat and apart from being wider, now have two ‘decks’ which will see double duty as observation platforms when soccer games are in progress. They will make life easier for people walking between Weston and Etobicoke. Unlike the steps further up the Humber at St. Phillip’s Road, there is no bicycle track up these.

The new steps from the soccer pitch.

Hussen profile in Macleans

Macleans has a very flattering profile of our MP, Ahmed Hussen.

From Macleans

It’s virtually impossible to imagine a way in which the 40-year-old could be better suited to the cabinet job he now holds. He came to Canada fleeing the Somali civil war, and subsequently lived in Regent Park, a once-troubled and isolated downtown Toronto public housing project he would help rejuvenate and repatriate to the residents when redevelopment came calling. Later, he opened a law practice focusing on immigration law and criminal cases, particularly for young offenders.

Weston history in danger

The Weston Historical Society needs your help finding some new space to store its treasures.

Cruickshank Motors donated a sleigh, wagon, and buggy to the WHS about 11 years ago, and they’ve made regular appearances in the Santa Claus Parade, June Fair, and carol sing since.

The items must be moved from their current space, though, and the WHS is looking for a place “free from the elements and reasonably close by”. It also has to be free or sponsored.



York Rec Centre open… and it is good.

The York Rec Centre is open, and it is a 67,000 square-foot sunlit marvel.

The facilities include two swimming pools (one for toddlers), a weight room, programming space, a lovely gym, and an indoor track. It’s gorgeous and, even though it was opening weekend, surprisingly quiet.

The centre is open from 7 am until 10 pm, and entry and all programs are entirely free.


Frances Nunziata’s rightward tilt

How conservative is Frances Nunziata? She was besties with Rob Ford , who drove a mammoth Cadillac Escalade. She, however, drove a Prius. Fire-breather or tree-hugger? Morebucks or Warbucks? The answer has eluded me.

Here, then, for your edification are Frances Nunziata’s votes from the last city budget. Right-wing votes to cut spending are, naturally, Conservative blue. Left-wing votes to increase funding are NDP orange.


I only counted votes about actual money; a lot of City Council votes are asking a staffer to write a report about whether to spend money later. I ignored them.

My unscientific impression of the results: Nunziata isn’t as left-wing as  would like, but she’s more middle of the road than I had assumed.