More promises about electification

The UP Express will be the first part of the transit system to be electrified, Bruce McCuaig, the CEO of Metrolinx, said again last week in a meeting with reporters. Electrification could begin as early as next year.

The Premier and the Minister of Transportation also said that they would be investing hugely into all areas of transit, promising 15-minute service and electrification of all GO trains over the next 10 years. If they are re-elected.

They did not say, however, how much all this will cost or where the money will come from. And the Liberals have for months been filibustering a cross-party committee attempt to reveal how much money the UP Express will lose. I’ve learned from my wife that when someone won’t even lie to you about how much something costs, it cost a lot more than you’d like to hear.

YHC is not a betting man, but I’d lay money on this: after the apologia of the PanAm games has passed, the Liberals (if they remain in power) will announce with great fanfare the electrification and conversion of the UP Express into a regional transit line with more stops and lower fares.

It will remain a mess, and incompatible with the rest of the transit system, but faced with having to justify spending buckets of money on the downtown elite, they will have to do something to appear both more fiscally conservative and populist. And the expensive debacle of the Blue22, Air Rail Link, UP Express Weston Line will be fantastic for Weston. At long last.

Metrolinx mess meets the Fixer

A regular column in the Star addressed a mess left by Metrolinx last week. The Fixer toured Fern Avenue.

While searching for a clogged storm sewer on Fern Ave. in historic Weston Village, The Fixer discovered a pile of garbage beside a house at the end of the little street.

A once quiet, tucked away cul-de-sac northeast of George St., with its pretty homes and fine trimmed lawns right out of a vintage issue of House & Garden, the street has been a living purgatory for its residents.

Your Humble Correspondent rides his bike to work pretty often, and can testify that the mess isn’t confined to Fern. John Street was, on last inspection, quite a disaster. And the receding snow has left garbage all over town.

Upcoming events

The Humber River Hospital is for sale. Laura Albanese will be hosting a meeting with representatives for the hospital on Thursday, April 24 from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm at 2175 Keele Street.

Public Meeting hosted by Mike Sullivan on Rail Safety and the Transport of Dangerous Goods in York South-Weston. 7 pm on Thursday, April 24, at the Civic Centre, 2700 Eglinton Ave.

The Annual Spring Dinner in support of Frontlines is on Saturday, April 26, at the Weston Golf and Country Club, 50 St. Phillips Road, starting at 6pm. For tickets or to make a donation call Diana Stapleton at 416-242-5886 or email [email protected] Tickets are $75.

Meeting about Kodak lands

InsideToronto  has an article this week on the goings-on at the Kodak lands:

“This is an amazing opportunity that doesn’t happen often,” Tam said.

While some of the lands have been allocated for a maintenance and storage facility for the TTC, residents learned other opportunities may exist to develop the site further.

Summer jobs blooming in Weston

Summer-job seekers got some good news this week from the feds and Mike Sullivan’s office: 88 young people will be hired with $250,000 in funding.

About 31 local organizations are getting money to hire students between 15 and 30 years old. The groups include the following groups from Weston:

  • York West Active Living Centre,
  • For Youth Initiative
  • Boys and Girls Club of Weston-Mount Dennis

  • Westpark Health
  • The Learning Enrichment Foundation
  • Weston King Neighbourhood Centre
  • Somali Immigrant Aid Organization
  • Northwood Neighbourhood Services
  • Unison Health
  • Frontlines

The funding for the jobs has come from the Canada Summer Jobs program, which gives a 100% wage subsidies to not-for-profits, and a 50% wage subsidy to businesses, who hire for jobs that support local services and priorities.

Interested students can contact Mike Sullivan’s office.


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