Summer jobs blooming in Weston

Summer-job seekers got some good news this week from the feds and Mike Sullivan’s office: 88 young people will be hired with $250,000 in funding.

About 31 local organizations are getting money to hire students between 15 and 30 years old. The groups include the following groups from Weston:

  • York West Active Living Centre,
  • For Youth Initiative
  • Boys and Girls Club of Weston-Mount Dennis

  • Westpark Health
  • The Learning Enrichment Foundation
  • Weston King Neighbourhood Centre
  • Somali Immigrant Aid Organization
  • Northwood Neighbourhood Services
  • Unison Health
  • Frontlines

The funding for the jobs has come from the Canada Summer Jobs program, which gives a 100% wage subsidies to not-for-profits, and a 50% wage subsidy to businesses, who hire for jobs that support local services and priorities.

Interested students can contact Mike Sullivan’s office.


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Privacy commissioner supports Westonian

Police should not be leaking information about the suicide attempts of Ontario residents, Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian says. The issue was brought up by a Weston resident’s attempt to travel to the US, and it drew international attention.

Last year Ellen Richardson was not allowed to enter the United States. Homeland Security said that she was a threat to herself or others, despite the fact that Richardson is a paraplegic middle-aged woman. The US had got ahold of her police records, which say that she had attempted suicide years ago, and they disqualified her from entering on those grounds. She missed the cruise she was hoping to take.

Now, Ann Cavoukian says that suicide threats or attempts should not be shared with US authorities unless they involve a threat to others or involve police violence.

Mike Sullivan has asked the federal government to act on the Privacy Commissioner’s report.

Pizza Culture is open

I was sad to see Wild Wings go. It was  a trip back in time to the 1990s when girls in tight pants, televisions, and terrible beer were all you needed to make a buck. But, on the bright side, its departure has left a gap for the new joint called Pizza Culture.

I haven’t been, but the sign says it’s open. First person to write a review gets a tub of Tums.

Coming Events

Frontlines will host its annual fundraising dinner on Saturday, April 26. Last year’s dinner raised $10000 for local youth programs. Tickets are $75, and you can get them from Diana Stapleton at (416) 242-5886.

The dinner will be at the super-swish Weston Golf and Country Club.

UrbanArts opened a new exhibition this week for emerging artists. Catch them while you can; the exhibition closes on April 28.


Humber River hospital to be sold

The Humber River Hospital on Church Street will be put up for sale in the next few weeks, according to Frances Nunziata’s email circular. The Church Street site is one of several hospital sites that will be consolidated at a new site near Keele and Wilson.

Laura Albanese will be hosting a meeting with representatives for the hospital on Thursday, April 24 from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm at 2175 Keele Street.

The final moving day is in October 2015.

Crime this week

At about 4:15 pm on April 8, a man fired two shots at a building on Bellevue Crescent, according to a witness.  Nobody was injured.

Bellevue Crescent was a problematic area in 2012. A man was stabbed there two years ago and another building just down the street, on Hickory Tree Road, was shot at.

There was one shooting in Weston last year. This is the first shooting of 2014.