Farmers’ Market makes the news

The Star has a nice article this morning on our lovely Farmers’ Market:

“I think we’ve seen the bottom, and there’s nowhere to go but up,” says Peter Kalamaris, owner of Peter’s Barber Shop, which his father opened in 1961.

One of the great things about this community is there’s resilience here, he says.

“Weston is a special place for me because there’s a strong sense of belonging, pride, family, nostalgia — a real village feel,” says Kalamaris.


Grandpa Ken gets a mention in the House of Commons

Mike Sullivan made some comments about the Weston Farmers Market in the House of Commons yesterday. He was speaking to a farming bill that the Conservatives have before Parliament.

Here is what he said,

However, before we get into the issues that we do and do not support, I want to say that this past weekend, I attended the grand opening of the Weston farmers market. It is a place where farmers gather in my riding, directly across from my office in fact, to sell, and they have done this for the past 32 years.

This farmers market is probably one of the most successful around. There is no cover. There is no shelter. It is a parking lot in the old town of Weston. A number of farmers descend on it, and they are literally picking the night before. These are farmers from all over southwestern Ontario, who come to the riding with the freshest of produce, the freshest of eggs, butter, fruit, vegetables, flowers, and more. There are bakers, coffee
makers, and the whole gamut of people who come to a farmers market. Grandpa Ken, who sells back bacon on a bun every morning is a hit. Obviously he gets his back bacon from a pig farmer somewhere in southern Ontario.

The point is that these farmers are successful because they are able to turn their products into money. That is really what is going on; they are earning cash. However, part of this bill sometimes makes it more difficult for farmers to turn their products into money and to survive. That is one of the reasons we want to examine this bill very carefully.”

Read the whole speech here.

Events this week

The future of the Church Street hospital will be discussed this Monday, June 2, 2014 at 7 pm in the hospital’s cafeteria at 200 Church Street.  Importantly, the future of the  existing site at 200 Church Street will be discussed.

The all-candidates debate will be held this Wednesday, at 7 pm, at the York Civic Centre, at 2700 Eglinton. Laura Albanese, who skipped the televised debate, has said she will attend.

Ontario Election Debate poster v.5 final

The official opening of the Farmers’ Market will be next Saturday, June 14, with live music, a free waffle breakfast, and a kids’ zone.

Market opening day, 2014

Farmers’ Market is open

I blew it—kind of. The Weston Farmers’ Market opened last Saturday.

The Weston BIA, god bless them, hasn’t updated their site since 2013, and didn’t, as far as I know, send around any information about the opening.

Update: Marion sends along a correction: They did update a section of their website to say when the market would be. They also have a Facebook page. I regret the error.

John Street closed permanently

John Street will be permanently closed to all traffic today, May 1. A pedestrian bridge will be built in fall.


The pedestrian bridge

The work is being done to “complete the Weston Tunnel through this area and to re-route and upgrade the water main currently crossing the rail corridor”, according to a spokesperson for Metrolinx. The bridge cannot be built until the tunnel is finished.

The 59 Maple Leaf bus, already re-routed, will be re-re-routed up King, which will be reopened.


The new way


The old way

Cultural hub announced

Weston will be getting a ‘cultural hub’, Frances Nunziata announced earlier this week.

33 King will be redeveloped to hold an 8500 square foot cultural space and 24 artists’ live-work spaces. Much of the parking lot will become a residential apartments—townhomes and an 18 storey tower.

The abandoned lot to the east was recently expropriated and will now be turned into a much smaller parking lot. The farmers’ market will shift a little east toward the tracks.

Artscape, who did a fantastic job of the Wychwood barns on St Clair, and who have made a number of other excellent artists’ spaces around the city, will be behind the project, and Rockport Group will be the developers.


1 3

Plans for South Station revealed

The city had an open house last week to reveal their plans for the intersection of Lawrence and South Station Street. The plans call for:

  • A more walkable village
  • Streets that are more than car corridors
  • A greener village with more large-canopy trees
  • More cultural expression
  • Identifiable landmarks to mark Weston
What we were promised

What the future may hold¹



What we got

What we have got (so far)

The redesign came out of a design conference nearly three years ago. We were promised a lot: essentially a comprehensive rethinking of the village, with improvements to the streets, public safety, lighting, cleaning and policing.

These new plans are, frankly, a good first few steps—but not the end of the trip. More may yet materialize. Jennifer in Nunziata’s office says that “Streetscape improvements will be secured along Weston Road as developments are submitted for approval, and as City capital projects occur.”

Construction will happen this summer.


I’m sure the cobblestones will totally make it into the final plan









¹ I captioned the photos incorrectly in the first version of this post. The captions implied that the redevelopment hasn’t lived up to the plans. I had meant to imply that the development has been slow. I’ve made that more clear now.