Mike Sullivan campaign launch this weekend

Mike Sullivan, the incumbent MP, will have his official campaign launch this weekend. He and his have been canvassing for some time, of course, but the barbecue and kick-off will be this Saturday, August 15, from 1–4 pm at his campaign office at 1942 Weston Road.

Sullivan is facing Ahmed Hussen in what looks to be a good race. I don’t know of any riding-level polls, but the respected blog threehundredeight gives Hussen a 37% chance of winning. Sullivan leads 42% to 37%. The Conservatives do not have a chance.

Justin Trudeau drives a Kia

Justin Trudeau made a brief stop in Weston last night to give a boost to local Liberal candidate Ahmed Hussen. About 200 people warmly greeted the politicians in a toasty room in a private school on Queens Drive. 

Hussen gave a speech about how the community had contributed to his success. He promised that the Liberals would support programs such as those that helped him.

Trudeau spoke about bill C-24, which strips convicted terrorists of their Canadian citizenship, and C-51, a bill he regrets voting for. C-51 was a controversial bill that extended the power of government to detain and entrap suspected terrorists. The Liberal party supported it, likely to avoid giving the Conservatives ammunition in the upcoming election. Trudeau said last night that he would amend the law. 

Your humble correspondent was struck, and pleased, by Trudeau’s speech. Surely he is taking a gamble by addressing elevated topics like civil liberties and the Charter rather than sticking to jobs, jobs, and jobs. It’s brave, too, to admit that he held his nose when voting for C-51. To me, this law doesn’t pass the garden fence test: you’re not likely to bring it up with your neighbour with your head over the rail. It’s odd then that he pointed the stink of a job badly done. 

Finally, I was pleased by Trudeau’s accessibility. I couldn’t find any security, and he shook hands and walked around without any obvious mediation. He was not picked up in a limo or black Mercedes, as I had expected. He got in the passenger side of a Kia Sorrento. Cool.

Trudeau to visit Weston

Justin Trudeau will visit York South—Weston this weekend to boost the local Liberal candidate, Ahmed Hussen. Trudeau will be at the Nile Academy residence, at 265 Queens Dr, at 6:30 pm.

Ahmed Flyer


In other news, the tradition of bad political photoshop jobs continues. Despite appearances, Hussen did not have his picture taken with Trudeau; he was photoshopped into it.


Your humble correspondent also wonders about the optics of Trudeau making his appearance at a private school that caters primarily to international students, and where the tuition is as much as $25,000 a year. To me, it hardly screams “Champion of working Canadians!” in the way that appearing at Weston CI might.

MDCA asks Nunziata to save money on Gardiner

The Mount Dennis Community Association asked Frances Nunziata to not vote for the ‘hybrid option’ on the Gardiner Expressway.

In an open letter, the MDCA said “you plan to commit half a billion extra tax dollars by voting for the Gardiner Expressway Hybrid option. [Tearing it down] will add a few minutes travel time for people driving between the Gardiner and the Don Valley Parkway. We see this extra time as a very small price to pay for:

  • much better access to Toronto’s waterfront
  • a grand boulevard like University Avenue…
  • lower taxes in future”

The letter goes on to say that the money saved could be spent on infrastructure, schools, transit, or community programs. 

The final vote will happen later this afternoon. Frances Nunziata is widely expected to vote against the MDCA and in favour of the hybrid Gardiner, which will preserve most of the highway but lower the easternmost section.

Nunziata approves controversial Junction tower

The CBC has a long report on a proposed development near the Junction that involves our councillor, Frances Nunziata. Nunziata voted for a development that would allow towers that are too tall and too close to the railway tracks, and she did so despite the recommendations of city staff.

… city planners have deemed this plan inappropriate for a variety of reasons, outlined in a staff report, saying:

  • The buildings would be located too close to the neighbouring rail line.
  • The proposed buildings would be more than twice the height allowed for any development on that site.
  • The buildings would be located too close to each other.

Residents living on the upper floors of the proposed condominiums might suffer “unacceptable levels of odour” from a nearby rubber recycling plant.

The report also notes that the project “could result in an unsafe and inappropriate living environment.”



Conservatives nominate forehead

The  Conservative Party of Canada has put James Robinson forward as its next candidate in York South—Weston. It seems that the party has abandoned any pretense that they might actually win.

If the candidate’s website is to be believed,

Whether fighting for the disenfrachised [sic] or mentoring our leaders of tomorrow, James Robinson is the right choice for York South-[sic]Weston …. James is a long time [sic] advocate for all the people of York South-Weston, tirelessly working for all citizens no matter what concerns them or what effects [sic] York South-Weston. James has worked intensely with youth and has counseled [sic] many residents on a broad range of subjects and problems, always treating people with the respect they deserve.



The party cannot, it seems, afford a copy editor (to advocate for longer time is an unusual position even for the PCs, and, really, could they not put forward someone who can spell the name of the riding right? It’s an em-dash, not two hyphens, and certainly not one). Nor is a photographer or web designer within reach—the most prominent part of the page is a photograph of of the candidate’s forehead.

Your humble correspondent has not heard of Robinson, perhaps because Robinson lives in Whitby. I’m not saying that the bit about him being a local advocate is untrue—I have no parliamentary privilege, after all—but I will say that I’ve been paying pretty close attention riding news for close to five years, and we’ve not yet crossed paths.

Modi2?The riding association also posted some pictures of him that said he was at a meeting Indian Prime Minister Modi, the effect of which was to show just how far Robinson was from actually meeting him. There are lots of pictures of hands, crowds, and people who are emphatically not Modi.

YHC is not pleased. I am allergic to every political party, and the Conservatives give me anaphylaxis. But I am doubly displeased by lame-Modiduck, half-assed efforts. The Conservative candidate in the last election did not even campaign. The sum of her efforts was to put a sign on an abandoned house on Weston Road. She did not even collect the sign, and it remains.

This does us all a disservice. It wastes time, and money, and votes. But those are nearly irrelevant compared to the true cost: accountability. Conservatives are not (always) fools, so when they do not mount a credible candidate we all lose the chance to hear our aspiring leaders held to account from the perspective of the right.

Should you wish to meet the aspirant in person, James Robinson will be having a meet and greet on April 24 at 30 Gordon MacKay Rd. He will address the audience at 8 pm.