Model home on Weston catches fire. Again.

The hideous model home at Weston and Dora Spencer that caught fire on September 17—and which remained undemolished thereafter—was on fire again this weekend. About 20 vehicles were called to the scene.

The new fire raises questions about why the model home was still standing after the fire more than a month ago—or, indeed, at all. It does not seem to have been used in years; a Google Street view from 2011 shows it in disrepair.

Three arrested after shots fired at Weston and Clouter

Three people are in custody after shots were fired Sunday morning near Weston and Church The road was closed, and there was a very heavy police presence, as what looked to be a tactical squad entered the building at 2222 Weston, according to witnesses.

The police tweeted that nobody was hurt.

Santa Claus Parade

The leaves are green and on the trees, but the BIA is looking forward to Christmas. They have announced the date of the best little Santa Claus parade in Toronto. Santa Claus

The Weston Santa Claus Parade will be Sunday, November 26 at 2:00 , snow or shine. The BIA is always grateful for volunteers to help with marshalling and parading. You can also bring food to donate to WAES, our local foodbank.

New PC candidate: Mark DeMontis

The Progressive Conservatives have long been total also-rans in York South–Weston, but that looks about to change. Mark DeMontis has announced his candidacy for the PC nomination.

DeMontis, a Westonian, is well known for rollerblading across Canada to raise money for Courage Canada, a charity that helps blind and low-vision people get into hockey. DeMontis was a promising hockey player himself before losing much of his sight in early adulthood.

Past PC candidates have been total duds, and have barely campaigned. DeMontis, by contrast, has been present in the community and has been increasing his presence on Twitter for several months. He may prove a challenge in this traditionally centre-left community.

Domingos Martins family starts charity

The family of Domingos Martins, who went missing in the summer and was found, alive, after five days without food or water, has started a charity to give locator bracelets to families who cannot afford them.

“We don’t want any other family to go through this,” Jack Da Silva, Martin’s son-in-law said on Saturday, Oct. 14, as the Domingos Martins Foundation was launched.

Its aim is to raise funds for wearable tracking devices so that families with members who may wander – because of Alzheimer’s disease, other forms of dementia, or autism – can be found.

First-annual pumpkin parade

Weston will have its first-annual pumpkin parade on November 1, and I’m delighted.

Pumpkin parades are an opportunity to say goodbye to your lovingly carved gourds with one last hurrah (and to have them picked up by the city). Bring your pumpkin, candle, and kiddos to Elm Park at dusk the day after Halloween, and you’ll be able to see all the neighbourhood’s creations in one place.


160th Anniversary Celebrations

This past weekend, Weston Collegiate Institute celebrated 160 years in operation. The school hosted events beginning with a monumental football game on Friday and concluding with an Alumni hockey game on Sunday. Community members, staff, present and past students
alike all came out to celebrate the success of this amazing school.
The events kicked off on Friday the 13th when Weston’s varsity football team played a home game against East York CI. The boys fought hard but unfortunately suffered a loss. However, they kept their heads held high and went into the weekend excited for all the events to come.

Saturday, was when the party really started. The festivities began at 11 am, in the school staff lounge with a breakfast for staff new and old. Facility members who graced Weston’s halls as early as the 1970’s were in attendance, and enjoyed catching up with their old co-workers (and meeting new ones).

As the day drew on, the Alumni foundation continued to pull out all the stops, hosting a ‘pub night’ in the school’s cafeteria. This event was for all past students and staff and was the highlight of the weekend! Memorabilia from the schools past was on display around the café,
as old students reminisced about days past.

Old yearbooks, pictures and even a pair of old skates were all out for everyone to see and read, as they remembered the days they called
Weston home. Current students at the school even took alumni on tours to look at how the school had changed over the years, and to marvel at historic pictures that grace our walls. (Some of which,
included them!) As the night progressed the party grew, and there wasn’t a single person in the room without a smile on their face! Grads from nearly every decade (including a lady who graduated in 1944),
were enjoying catching up and remembering just how much of an impact the school had left on them!

As Sunday approached the final event did as well. Students and staff who had been involved in hockey during their time at Weston ventured over to the Weston Lions Arena to participate in a
friendly hockey match. This was an opportunity for the once students, to play against the people who taught them so many years ago. (Don’t worry no math teachers were mysteriously injured during the tournament.) Weston CI is truly a monumental and amazing school. Despite a rocky reputation, the school is full of some of the most loving and amazing people in the city. For 160 years Weston has never failed to produce outstanding grads who have nothing but amazing things to say about their time in the halls of 100 Pine Street. Here’s to 160 years of Iron Man memories. And many more to come!

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