Some Artscape tenants withholding rent

On April 1, some Artscape tenants didn’t pay their rent because of the COVID pandemic, according to CTV.

 A group of artist tenants at apartment building and cultural hub in the city’s Weston neighbourhood say that they plan to jointly withhold rent this week amid a COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted their livelihood.

In a news release issued early Monday morning, the tenants said that they have reached out to their landlord about their situation and have been told that they can defer half of their April rent on request and then pay the balance owing off over a six-month period starting May 1.

The CEO of Artscape was interviewed by NOW Toronto. He said,

“Like our tenants, we’ve also been affected by the crisis,” Artscape CEO Tim Jones tells NOW. “We’ve laid off 54 staff members. We are doing everything we can to provide as much support as we can to them and to tenants. We’re reaching out to all of our lenders, talking to suppliers and organizing advocacy efforts with the federal government…. If there’s a suggestion that we’re not trying to be helpful, it’s just not the case. Unfortunately, as a nonprofit there are constraints.”


UrbanArts update

UrbanArts has started posting online programming until we’re all ready to get back to work. Some of the programming has included:

New arts activities are posted every day on their Facebook page.

Great little grocery store: Newport Fish

If like me you’ve had a hard time getting an appointment for delivery or pick-up at one of the big stores, you might try a local small grocer, Newport Fish. I shopped there this week, and they were great.

Newport Fish doesn’t sell only fish. They have a small grocery on Alliance Avenue that skews Portuguese. You can get eggs, bread, cheese—and toilet paper, if that’s still a thing. I picked up almost everything on my list, bar cereal and Parmesan.

I also tried the oysters—and they were great, though not great enough that I could get my philistine kids to try.

Newport offers delivery or curbside pickup. Andrew dropped my stuff right in the trunk for me. They’re delighted for the business, too, and fast. I picked my groceries up a few hours after I ordered, and the whole process was painless.

To place an order, get your list ready and call. One of the workers will tell you what they have, pack it, and text you the bill.

Black Cat delivers

If you’re looking for a way to support a local business (and thanks to all of you who signed up for the Good Food Box!), Black Cat is delivering fresh-roasted coffee beans and beer.

If you haven’t tried it, Black Cat has one of the weirdest coffees I’ve ever had (and I’ve had the civet poop one. Meh.) It’s a light Ethiopian roast that tastes like cherries and blueberries because it’s dried with the fruit on the bean. Super good—but drink it black. I’ve got an order in.


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Hi all-delivery updates: A lot of you awesome people have orders that are in queue to be delivered. I will be doing all those on Wednesday since we got so much support and ran out of coffee… completely. The new roast is ready Wednesday morning, so you’ll be getting super fresh coffee.. as always.. 😆 anything else ordered with coffee is also coming the same time. Thanks for the support and the patience. ❤️ Anyone that would like to order and support just a reminder that because our stores had to close because of COVID, we have switched to coffee delivery and cases of @greatlakesbeer beers since we have a lot of stock. We are delivering their tall cans of Lager and APA. Please DM me for orders. Any new orders coming in will be Thursday deliveries. Please send the orders before we run out:) thanks again!

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