Bikes Wanted

Community groups are accepting your used bicycles. They’ll be fixed up and given to those in need.

Upcoming events

Shakespeare in Action is hosting the second-annual Weston Weekend this Saturday:

This free community event will feature live music and performance, outdoor activities, popcorn! And much more throughout the day.

Frontlines will be running its FEET program next week:

Weston Frontlines Centre is offering 4 weeks of paid training and 8 weeks of paid employment for youth aged 13-30! We will teach you about different careers, resume writing and job skills that will help you in the new job market. Our program is FREE to join and we pay you to participate.

And another approval: 8 Locust

City Council also approved the demolition of six rental units at 8–16 Locust Street and 15 Oxford Drive in the way of a proposed highrise building. The motion requires that the builders compensate and provide new accommodation to the tenants.

UrbanToronto says the 36-storey building “was approved by the Ontario Land Tribunal earlier this year”.

Drawing from Trolleybus

Two other City Council motions of interest

City Council approved a motion by Councillor Nunziata to research a Somali Community Centre. The motion, which was co-sponsored by Mayor Tory, will ask city staff to “work with the Somali Cultural and Recreation Centre Steering Committee in Toronto and the impacted Councillors to explore potential partnerships for a new community cultural and recreation centre”.

Council also voted to give recurring $7500 payments to residents of Rockcliffe-Smythe who experienced flooding. The motion says eligible properties must be “within the Rockcliffe Special Policy Area and hydraulically connected sewer catchment, where beneficial works have been identified by a completed Basement Flooding EA Study but the work is not yet commissioned”.

This motion is controversial. City staff recommended against it, and Councillor Perks moved that it be made available to any similar Toronto property. His motion was defeated.

Columnist Heather Mallick said it is a waste of money:

Nunziata isn’t leaving; she isn’t any good; she would be equally un-good anywhere else. Who cares if Toronto ultimately blows an uncapped $6 million on homeowners in one floodplain while ignoring nine other floodplains? 

Voters care….Why not $6 million more for parks along the major roads where midrise condos are being built, and downtown where towers are packed in like Lego?

The motion passed 16 votes to 7.