COVID this week

Nine people were diagnosed with COVID-19 in Weston this week, bringing the total number to 205. Of those cases, 144 occurred outside healthcare facilities.

Weston has  one of the highest rates of community infection in the city, with 800 per 100,000 people infected. Only nearby Maple Leaf has a higher rate, and the north west of the city generally has a very high infection rate.

The Weston, Mount Dennis, and Humber Heights areas also have a large number of cases in long-term care homes, including

  • Weston Terrace Care Community, with 25 confirmed cases, 24 deaths, and 39 staff cases.
  • West Park, with 5 cases, 26 deaths, and 5 staff cases
  • Village of Humber Heights: 24 cases, 22 fatalities, 17 staff cases

Why our neighbourhoods are particularly hard hit is very hard to say. There are at least two questions:

  1. Why does COVID ravage some homes for the aged?
    1. Does it have to do with corporate culture, for-profit models, or cost?
  2. Why is it spread in some communities, but not others?
    1. Is it poverty? Density? Employment opportunities?

I, for one, can’t see any easy causal links. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Libraries now accepting returns.

Weston and Mount Dennis public libraries are now accepting book returns through their drop boxes. Books that are returned this way are kept in ‘quarantine’ for a few days so don’t expect them to be checked off your account right away. Regardless, if you hang on to your books until the branches open up again, you won’t be charged a fine.

Read the fine print here.

Extra credit for noticing what’s been Photoshopped out of this image of the Weston Library. Click to enlarge.

Weston and Lawrence electrical work.

Weston and Lawrence electrical work.

Weston and Lawrence is being dug up again; this time it’s electrical work to upgrade power for the upcoming electrification of GO train service.

According to Toronto Hydro, “Please be advised that Toronto Hydro is planning to rebuild and relocate the overhead and underground electrical system in the community in preparation for the GO Expansion Electrification program.” The timeline is a vague June-July 2020.

Thanks to Covid-19, the restriction to one lane of traffic along both routes isn’t causing major upheavals.

I wonder if workers have discovered any artifacts at this (for Toronto) relatively ancient intersection.

Weston Pool getting ready to go but will it open?

City staff are preparing Weston’s open air pool for opening once again this year but before welcoming guests for summer 2020, its opening will need the blessing of Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health along with the MOH for Ontario.

Will the pool open this year or will the Covid-19 virus end a 61-year tradition?

The pool getting prepped for 2020.

The MOHs will decide whether chlorinated water and fresh air will diminish the Covid virus sufficiently to warrant opening once school’s out er, would have been out for the summer. They will be pondering whether swimmers and paddling pool tots can be kept a safe distance apart.

The pool could be a great place for kids to use up some of that quarantine energy that’s been building for the past few weeks.

Incidentally, I peeked into the empty pool and there is an impressive deep end edging up to the tennis courts. When the pool was built in 1959, there must have been at least one board or platform so that this wing of the pool was reserved for diving.

An impressive deep end.

Sadly, the platform(s) disappeared years ago to be replaced by a lifeguard chair in our safety-conscious times.

I think I answered my own question.