10 Wilby apartments: zoning amendment and Section 37.

Toronto City Council and its local equivalent, Etobicoke York Community Council is a strange beast. Its decisions often leave people scratching their heads. This time they’ve managed to do something right. You’d think it was an election year or something.

On July 4, the Community Council dealt with rezoning the land at 10 Wilby. Readers may remember that non-profit builder, Options for Homes has proposed a 22-story, 233-unit condo apartment building at that location. OFH prides itself on making home ownership affordable. What they do is supplement an owner’s down-payment by up to $75,000 so that the mortgage is reduced. When the owner eventually sells, OFH gets back their contribution along with a proportional increase if the apartment has appreciated in value. As a tradeoff, features like swimming pools and gyms are eliminated so that prices are held down.

The address of 10 Wilby is an interesting one as it is at the top of the Humber Valley with potential access to parkland and the Pan Am Path. Our longer term residents may remember it as the former site of the Ministry of Transportation licence office.

The 10 Wilby site as it appears today. Hickory Tree curves around the corner. Wilby Crescent is on the left. The Humber Valley lies beyond the trees and informal (but steep) trails lead down to beautiful parkland, the river, the Humber footbridge and the Pan Am Path.

10 Wilby is above a curve in the river so views from the new building’s upper floors will be spectacular.

As an added bonus, Weston GO and UP Express stations are a short walk away.

From Toronto.ca

In order to erect a building on the smallish Wilby site, a land swap was arranged with the business opposite so that there was enough room to meet code requirements.  In rare and sensible use of Section 37 money, the Community Council on Wednesday approved rezoning and a plan that would see OFH donate and spend $800,000 in order to:

  • Make a cul-de-sac at the end of Wilby
  • Build a sidewalk along Wilby and connect it to Weston Road
  • Plant 25 new trees on the property and adjacent city land
  • Convert the Hickory Tree Road lands abutting the subject property to parkland conditions
  • Improve local parkland and connectivity of local parkland to the Humber River valley; and
  • Provide streetscape improvements along Wilby Crescent, Weston Road and Hickory Tree Road which comply with the Streetscape Manual and are to the satisfaction of the Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning.
  • Perform an archeological study

The Community Council also thought it would be prudent to warn purchasers that local schools may not be able to accommodate pupils from the building.

The section of Hickory Tree Road that will be naturalized. The 10 Wilby site is on the right.
The proposed naturalization of the land opposite the site. From Toronto.ca

For readers who are puzzled by the site actually being on Hickory Tree Road yet having the 10 Wilby address; you’re not alone. The comments following this earlier article may help.

Incidentally, there was one dissenting vote opposing the rezoning amendment; that of Ward 7’s very own (and almost Brampton MPP), Giorgio Mammoliti.

Next stop, City Council on July 23.

15 thoughts on “10 Wilby apartments: zoning amendment and Section 37.”

  1. Terrible scary location. City wants to spruce it up to ensure this time units actually sell. Last time in the hottest housing market in the world they couldnt sell enough units to get this project started….they dont want to fail again

    1. Terrible scary location? Nope! I live in the hickory building and I love the location. Go / up accross the street. Can walk to Weston and lawrenece to get the 52 to go to lawerence west station, or the 89 to Keele station, or the 79 to Runnymede.
      Walk bit further down to the bank (bmo or td) grab a bite to eat on Weston Rd.
      Can’t wait for this condo to go up.

      1. It wont be a condo, it will be rental units riddled with crime elements. Walking to weston/lawrence is scary!!!!

        1. It will be a condo; read the article.

          Thousands of people pass through the transit hub of Weston and Lawrence every day without incident. About the riskiest thing you can do in Toronto these days is cross the street.

          As the old saying goes, you have nothing to fear but fear itself.

      2. When the lot is sold less people will take the train from Weston if there is no parking….station should of stayed at John st…..

    2. Last time (more than five years ago), the adjacent condos on Hickory Tree were in a price slump and were selling for less than the (then) proposed new apartments on Wilby. The ‘hottest housing market in the world’ was a lot cooler in 2013 plus there was no UP Express across the street.
      About two years ago, a friend’s son bought a one-bedroom Hickory Tree condo for under $200,000. They now sell for over $300,000. Things might be different this time.

      1. Ya okay Roy….weston is the new crap dumping area of toronto…they cleaned up a lot of downtown slums and moved the crap to weston. I love weston too but please stop with the positive BS.

          1. Yeah, knock it off with that “positive” stuff, Roy.
            People might think you’re loopy! (Ha-ha.)

  2. I couldn’t find a parking spot in the UPX Parking Lot this morning…so had to park in some shady back alley near this building. It was very scary. And tell me why can’t I park in the UPX Parking Lot on a Saturday morning when I take the train downtown?

    1. The Farmers Market occupies a large part of the parking lot on Saturdays. Next year, the market will move to John Street.

  3. We all know that the market will be moved next year but in the meantime, the UPX Station Parking should be available for UPX customers. Very Un-Christian of the Church to block of their part of the shared parking lot on a Saturday morning. Nothing going on at the church this morning!

    1. It’s not a shared lot. The Church allows parking on its own land (the part behind the barriers) during weekdays but needs parking on weekends and therefore reserves its own lot for parishioner use.
      Metrolinx plans to sell the main lot for development and before that, the church site will be redeveloped so eventually, there will be even less parking…

  4. “For readers who are puzzled by the site actually being on Hickory Tree Road yet having the 10 Wilby address; you’re not alone.” The situation is exactly analogous to the arena in Lions Park. If you look at a map you’d think it was on Hickory Tree Road but its address is actually Lawrence Avenue West.

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