10 Wilby sales going well

10 Wilby Crescent – artists concept.

The Humber, a 22-storey condo under construction at 10 Wilby is now 40% sold according to Options For Homes’ latest newsletter. Demand for parking spaces has exceeded supply (from the original 131) and OFH is planning to add another level of underground parking in response. This entirely non-smoking, (vaping allowed), building should be ready by 2021 or 2022.

OFH is offering a $500 reward to anyone referring someone who goes on to purchase a home in The Humber. Find out more here or in the latest OFH newsletter here.

Incidentally, OFH has some great information on their site about the amenities here in Weston.

2 thoughts on “10 Wilby sales going well”

  1. Wonderful news. Hladvssles are going well. Hopefully the trend of new developments…condos high end rentals etc continues. Weston rd has enough check cashing stores …run down store fronts and low income apartments loitering Weston rd.

    1. At 40% after a number of months – I wouldnt call this a success- interesting that parking spots sold out…so much for UP Express being the reason people would buy here and go without a car.
      Weston Rd continues to get low end builds- that’s what the government wants and Paul Bedford…
      Weston Rd – welcome to toronto’s armpit.

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