Tory candidate can’t pinpoint ‘miscommunication’ that led to skipped debate

Jilian’s campaign office has looked into the reasons she missed the all-candidates debate. She had tweeted the correct location and time—but didn’t show up. She later claimed that she had been told it was cancelled or postponed.

I asked Saweczko’s office whether she had been the victim of dirty tricks, whether she was ducking the debates on orders from up high, or whether it was an honest mistake. I received the following reply from Cheryl Rankin, who works for Saweczko’s campaign:

I have asked around Jilian Saweczko’s office and I can not confirm who called in with the messages on the debate day or if it was two messages from the same debate (the one rescheduled) or what.

All I can say is that is was miscommunication somewhere along the line.

Thank you for your concern we all appreciate that,


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.