12 Division may be amalgamated

Frances Nunziata announced this week that 12 Division, which polices Weston, may be amalgamated with another police division. 

The Way Forward, a report on Toronto’s police (and its large and expanding budget) was released this week. It says some notable things. TAVIS, a community policing program that saw many police come to Weston, was a “mistake”. It led to strained relationships with “racialized youth, who felt unfairly targeted”. TAVIS will be disbanded.

The report also recommends exploring the amalgamation of several divisions, among them 12 and 13 divisions.


A petition to stop the amalgamation has been launched. Rather modestly, it hopes to get 100 signatures, but it says that

12 Division is virtually going to abandon an at-risk neighbourhood. Mount Dennis is an area known to have gang activity, gun violence, robberies and is heavily populated by addicts, as well as dealers.

Your correspondent is quite sure that there are more dealers and addicts in Rosedale, but he also supposes that picking at threads can unravel good intentions.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. We need less rental towers, more services for the sick and disabled, local jobs and someone to clean Weston Rd up. NOT MORE POLICE.

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