12 Division’s best eats

Living in Weston can feel like travelling back in time to a golden age,  when people knew their neighbours, kids ran up and down the streets unaware of the watchful eyes, and ethnic food meant Chinese. Bless this town, but there aren’t many good places to eat.

The Sun though had an article recently on the best restaurants in the area–as decided by the police, who would obviously be in a position to know: they reach all corners at all hours. (As an aside, I have to say, what a great idea for a story!)

There are a lot of surprises on the list. I for one have never been to Tunup Islands Carribean Foods, Red and White Mediterranean, or Pho 39. 

In other news, there is a vegan restaurant int Mount Dennis, and a barbecue place opened up near Weston and Church. Readers, leave your hidden gems in the comments. Bonus karma to anyone who has been to the new places. 

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.