Profile of Marc Porlier, alleged arsonist

The Sun profiled Marc Porlier, the man allegedly behind the arson at St John the Evangelist Church. Porlier, the article says, was once an altar boy at the very church he tried to set fire to.

While the defence lawyer wouldn’t comment on any animosity her client may have had toward the church, she acknowledged bizarre videos Porlier posted online in recent years — all entitled “The Gospel according to Marc” — provide insight into his feelings on Catholicism.

In one video, Porlier explains he was “raised in a cult.”

“I’d like to say that I didn’t like being brainwashed, but as a kid I actually wanted to be a priest,” he says.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Profile of Marc Porlier, alleged arsonist”

  1. “… she acknowledged bizarre videos Porlier posted online in recent years…” Sun writer Chris Doucette does a disservice to the reader with this loaded and inaccurate phrasing. There is one 38-and-a-half minute self-described “documentary” that appeared as such on Vimeo and was broken up into three parts on YouTube, all in early February 1911. Nothing since. And it’s unlikely that Marc’s lawyer would have acknowledged this film as “bizarre”. It’s not particularly so. Finally, lots of folk grow out of their Catholic upbringing without the resentment that Marc appears to have for it. Perhaps we’ll find out why.

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