Bad news and worse news at St John school

There is bad news and worse news at St John the Evangelist Elementary School.

The bad news: St John is getting more portables, which will only add to the severe overcrowding problem on the grounds. In the fall, there will be 10 portables—the maximum possible, according to Dave Bennett, the Vice Chair of Parent Council. Staying positive, he says in an email newsletter that the new portables will reduce the number of classes held in the neighbouring church basement.

The worse news is that the overcrowding problem at St John will soon be solved, if Metrolinx gets its way. Dave Bennett says Metrolinx has asked the TCDSB to relocate 40% of the students—those in the portables—for three years, while the construction takes place starting in 2012.

The newsletter does not say where they could be moved to, but does say that building a new school while the construction is taking place would remove children from danger, keep the community together, and prepare the school for full-day kindergarten.

The administration at St John has been pressing for a new school built on the same grounds. Some progress has been made; according to the newsletter, the school is making its way up the funding list.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Bad news and worse news at St John school”

  1. Instead of Metrolinx giving $1.1 million for a farmers market, our politicians should be doing everything in their power to get funding to rebuild all schools in Weston. Would $1.1 million be enough to build a new St.John? I think so….

  2. Unfortunately a new school would cost $12 million. One million of the 12 would be for underground parking, because of our small site; very similiar to HJ Alexander school parking.

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