NDP will electrify ARL immediately

Paul Ferreira and Andrea Horwath have said that they will electrify the Air Rail Link as it is built, not years afterward, as the Liberals have said they will do and as is currently the plan.

In a press release last week, Ferreira said,

In this election voters have a clear choice between dirty diesel or clean electric trains. The McGuinty Liberals will ram diesel trains through our neighbourhoods…. Under our plan, electric trains will be on track for 2015.

In an article in the Toronto Sun, Horwath said the same thing: if she were premier, she would electrify the trains:

the NDP are proposing speeding the electrification process up — at greater expense — and move quicker on converting GO Transit’s busy Lakeshore and Georgetown corridors to electric trains.

The Liberal government has said that they will install diesel trains before 2015, Metrolinx has said that they will eventually electrify the line, though not for several years after, and only if there is funding.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

11 thoughts on “NDP will electrify ARL immediately”

  1. Just received a strange automated message from Nunziata stating all the wonderful things Laura did as it relates to the ARL….Sorry Nunziata, everyone knows it was Mike.

  2. While electrifying the trains would be great I’d like to know where the money is going to come from for the things that need to be done.

    Not many people are aware that everything within 1000 metres of the electrified rail needs to be grounded.

    Every sewer, lamp-post, street sign, gas line, etc. That is ALOT of money and alot of time, especially since they have not started that process with the rest of the build of the line.

    I’d much prefer an electric line but with the extra costs not figured in at the moment can the NDP actaully deliver?

  3. diana, where did you hear such B.S about grounding everything within 1000 meters? if an electrified rail line caused so much electromagnetic inductance, the electric grid by its self would be far more problematic.

  4. Actually I can see the sense in having to ground the areas around it.

    An electrician is the one who said it needed to be grounded if it is strictly an electrified line.

    The grid would be put in specifically to handle the line so it would be engineered to handle it, but at this point going backwards to electrify when they’ve started the process for deisel is going to cost us more, grounding or not.

  5. i think your electrician friend needs to go back to school and learn some basic science. to suggest that every metallic object within 1000 meters of overhead wires needs to be grounded because of inductance and capacitance is absurd. not only is such a thing pointless, it is also impossible. what happens if a person living next to the overhead wires were to put a metallic garbage can on a wood deck? would they get electrocuted?

    either your electrician friend has no knowledge of how electricity works or you’re defending the liberals’ stance against electrification with B.S.

  6. Oh and I should add, I was thinking that the rails alone would be electrified, similar to the ttc so maybe I’m the one causing the confusion.

  7. That is the problem when people start making absolute comments without having the real facts. Electricians usually rewire houses not electrify rail corridors. Given that they use overhead catenary wires not underground, it’s not the same. And TTC vehicles have always used above ground wires and nothing needs ‘grounding’ around them.

    Your friend is quite mistaken.

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