25 Storey building for 1705 Weston

Oldstonehenge, the owners of 1705 Weston Road, have filed their application to develop a 25-storey building on the site just south of the GO and UPX station.

The building described will have a 6-storey base and a 19-storey tower with 240 rental apartments, ranging from studio to three-bedroom units.

1705 Weston today
One of the buildings to be demolished

Two industrial buildings and one house, at 10 Victoria Avenue, will be demolished.

The building, to my eyes at least, is quite attractive, with two interesting rotations of the generally cubic form, each about one-third of the way up.

Architectural drawing


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “25 Storey building for 1705 Weston”

  1. This at least looks like a decent building and is not a rental building….the height is a bit of a concern, but its a decent start. Way better than another rental building….

  2. NO!!!! it is another rental crap building…….wow…..fools of weston….that’s all there is to say….fools…..

  3. What about the height restrictions? Waived for the 30-floor and now a 25-floor? This will not make Westn more bleak and wind tunnelled than it already is.

    What about streetscape, the addition of all those extra vehicles, and … words fail me.

  4. I was a little confused by the black-and-white schematic’s showing only three buildings on the north side of Victoria Ave E because there are four there now. It turns out that the last house (10 Victoria Ave E, beside the tracks) is part of the development!

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