29 Church continues to be a poor neighbour

It takes a lot of work to give landlords a bad name, but the Korce Group, owners of 29 Church Street, are taking a run at it.

The apartment building has long had issues with garbage, and rather than put money into fixing the problems, they fight City Hall.

The OMB ordered the owners to build a 5′ wooden fence to control their garbage in 2005. Korce never did. Instead, in 2015 (ten years after the original order), they put in a hedge, which neither does the job of retaining garbage nor complies with the law. After a decade of disregarding the OMB’s order, they have asked the city to give them permission to continue breaking the law.

The gall.

The application, thank goodness, was denied by Etobicoke York Community Council this week due to neighbourhood opposition.

The cedar fence reduced visibility for automobiles, because it was planted next to the driveway. There are two schools nearby and school children, among others, use the sidewalk.

Also, the garbage is simply a mess, and it has been so for years. Google Street View tells no lies: for at least 5 years, waste management has been getting progressively worse. Click through and then click on “Jul 2015” to see the history yourself.

Councillor Nunziata asked community council this week to ensure that there are “ongoing enforcement (and related charges) at this property” in line with city bylaws.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.