29 Church continues to draw fire

The repeated law-scoffing at 29 Church is creating a minor crisis at City Hall, and Korce Group (the landlords) may now be wishing they had just taken out the garbage.

In 2003, the landlords installed three apartments on the main floor of the building and refused to provide enough parking for tenants. City officials refused to grant after-the-fact permission for the  apartments, and the landlords appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board.

The OMB forgave some aspects of the landlord’s actions but put conditions on the building. And now, much later, it turns out Korce Group has ignored the conditions.

This was a decade before the landlords paid lawyers rather than builders and tried to get around building garbage facilities and doing repairs at 29 Church. Yet the more recent events seem to have drawn the attention of our City Councillor.

In the Licensing and Standards Committee meeting from last week, Frances Nunziata said,

A recent case in which it was discovered that the conditions within an OMB decision and order from 2005 were not adhered to, nor enforced by the City, raises the question of who is responsible for enforcing OMB decisions and orders….It has been brought to my attention that the instance noted above in which the conditions within an OMB decision have not been enforced is not uncommon.



She is asking a City Manager to report and explain what can be done to better enforce OMB decisions.

Also (and this delights me), late last year she asked that city staff go enforce the orders from 2005.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.