29 Church in trouble again

The Korce Group, landlords of 29 Church Street, are in trouble again, this time down at City Hall.

Tomorrow, council will consider the garbage situation at the building; it is often poorly contained, and the landlords have long resisted efforts to clean it up.

The City is making the landlords an offer: they’ll pick the garbage up on George Street, if Korce fixes up the property, including:

  • A new waste enclosure
  • Trimmed trees
  • A check of the underground garage to see if it will support a garbage truck
  • Removal of a fence
  • Removal of parking spaces

It seems unlikely that the landlords will go for this option; rather than deal with the garbage situation, which has clearly been very bad for a very long time, they continue to use their lawyer to fight things out. The lawyer, Leroy Bleta, says “my client Korce Group Ltd. remains in compliance…. [and] the cedar trees planted around the perimeter of the garbage/recycling containment area are compliant”.

The city disagrees. They say “An inspection of the property on February 4, 2016 revealed there was current [sic] no compliance with the notice and no work had been started to achieve compliance.”

Your humble correspondent has a suggestion: pay someone $18 an hour to clean up the garbage twice a week. It would be much cheaper than a lawyer. It would also be the right thing to do. I believe that lawyers can sometimes be mistaken on this tricky point: the law is a poor proxy for neighbourliness.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “29 Church in trouble again”

  1. Yes! It’s a mess, and has been for years, and lawyers … Why not do the right thing? Build the containment instead of those sickly cheap cedars and hire a kid to clean.
    Many children walk past that mess every day to school, the buses showcase the debris … And yes, more high rises will definitely not improve the neighbourhood. More orders will not force compliance if you’re big enough, and have a lawyer apparently.

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