29 storeys? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

People were upset when 22 John asked to build a 29-storey tower. People were upset when the Greenlands developers asked to build two 29-storey towers.

Now, the developers of 1821 Weston have asked to build a 36-storey tower that resembles, well, I leave it to you to decide, but the little black moustache at base doesn’t make me think the tower is a nose.

From the application

1821 Weston is just south of Lawrence on the east side. The developers would like to build 454 condominiums with insufficient parking.

From Google Maps

Another development is in the works on the Scotiabank lot, just north of there, at 1871 Weston, and a third is being planned just down the street at 1695 Weston.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

8 thoughts on “29 storeys? You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

  1. 22 John didnt ask for a 30 storey tower. They asked for 18. Jennifer Keesmat told them to reapply for 30. And tower contagion begins. Those who were here when 33 King was built remember what a debacle that was. It was sneaked through without public consultation. There were to have been more towers. But the residents said no. And it was a solitary eyesore.

    Weston is not on a subway line. Places on a subway line are not facing this kind of tower pressure. In fact a lovely new 8 storey mixed use building graces the south-east block of Bathurst at bloor. 8 storeys is fine for on the subway line but only 29 can be built in Weston?

    The developer kept referring to it as Re-gentrification of Weston. Is building huge towers somehow gentrification?

    Weston is already the densest part of Toronto not on Yonge St. The city needs to send a clear message to developers that a forest of Towers in Weston is not the solution.

      1. I agree with you Truthteller(real) She didn’t have enough courage to challenge Jennifer Keesmat & her squad, and she still doesn’t have enough to challenge any developer today.

  2. This is horrible! Weston Road is already benighted with tower blocks and we need our councillor to give up on being the developers’ buddy and stand up for the community: wind tunnels, more street blight when so many children, old people, new immigrants walk daily along Weston Road and when the community has already taken so many hits with eyesore tower blocks.

    Bad news follows that 30-storey “exception.”

    1. Nevermind most of the people you just mentioned live in those tower blocks. But please continue to talk trash about their homes. Looks good on you.

  3. “Re-gentrification”, a term used by the legal beagle representing the “Greenland Farms” development person/group suggests that it has already been gentrified once before.

    Has it been?

    Anyone notice?

    As always, interesting and disappointing when the well to do socialist politicos & city planner types – like the Jennifer Keesmats of our world, decide that the areas like ours are underserved.

    So, they encourage & allow developers to approach and stack ‘em up in the Weston area!

    Delivering heaven, and not knowing how to deal with hell, later.

    And, the developers are lining up to “help” with programs like “HousingTo” or whatever the Tory led government is calling this current push.

    Just imagine..
    “I know the creative planning types say. Let’s corral them all up there. They’ll not object. They’ll be grateful for all the sky high housing and we’ll be heroes in the eyes of the downtrodden. “Hooray!!!” they’ll all shout. A win-win-win… blah, blah, blah resolution to an urban problem. As they head for their cozy homes – in their NIMBY areas, buster!”

    Or at least, it’s taking on that kind of scenario & appearance – and more so by the minute.

    Pretty sure the areas where the Keesmats, Torys and the other socially likeminded politicos are not living under the same kind of assault by clandestine development greed.

    They really should be more generous and allow those benevolent developers into their areas. You know, that “mixed housing” concept really coming to life, everywhere.

    Whatya say, city council?

  4. I was hoping 1821 Weston would turn into a supermarket. It would be super convenient to do a bit of shopping as I get off the UP train. Too bad resi building on commercial atrip

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