30 click speed limit proposed in much of YSW

Red and blue streets will not have their speed limits changed. Black streets will have the limit dropped to 30.

The Etobicoke York Community Council will consider whether to lower the speed limit on all “local roadways” in Ward 5, which covers Weston and Mount Dennis.

“Local roadways” are the great majority of streets—the last meters between major roads and driveways. In these maps, they are the black streets. Blue and red streets will not have their speed limits changed. (I may have copied the maps for all all of Mount Dennis and Weston. If your street is missing, let me know.

The speed limit changes come from the “Vision Zero” plan the city adopted in 2017.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “30 click speed limit proposed in much of YSW”

  1. Condsidering what happen in Vaughan yesterday with 2 little kids killed on their driveway, I am all for lower speed limits but without enforcement it’s pretty much useless. Here in Pelmo Park there’s punks with high speed cars with loud muffers speeding around here all the time. Some people don’t care. It’s getting to crazy out there.

  2. Rules mean nothing without enforcement. I am not against lowering the limit to 30, but if all were currently driving closer to 40, it likely would be much less of an issue.
    On my street people regularly run the stop signs. I’m not talking partial stop, full on blazing through the signs.
    When we fought for traffic calming, the only option that was given were speed humps, which don’t seem to slow anyone with a decent suspension down (any other options were not on the table).
    More stop signs and speed humps, have not yielded safer streets.
    What will it take to make real change?

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