Nunziatas are pro-casino

Councillor Frances Nunziata has, according to The Star, admitted to wanting a casino in Toronto.

Frances Nunziata, the council speaker and a staunch Ford ally, spoke in support of a Toronto casino on the mayor’s radio show in January. “It’s crazy for us not to generate that much-needed revenue” for the city, she said

Frances Nunziata’s brother, John Nunziata, is a pro-casino lobbyist, but, according to the article, and public records, he has never lobbied her. John Nunziata is also a former York South-Weston MP.

Your humble correspondent thinks a casino in Toronto is nuts. There are a few more direct ways of raising revenue that we should try before we resort to asking MGM to kick us back 1% of the stupid levy. We could, for instance, try, say, taxing parking spots. Or cars. Or property transfers. Or we could tax brothels, of which we seem to have quite a few. Brothels, in contrast to casinos, make clients happy.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Nunziatas are pro-casino”

  1. Nunziata and her brother and the Fords are so great with other people’s money: “cutting gravy” = going way over budget, to them, so it’s a no-brainer for them that having casinos in Toronto, which attract trouble (wee Windsor) and provide no trickle-down benefit for the city would get their support.

    However, daycare, which benefits families and communities and supplied skilled jobs, gets ignored.

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