35-storey development proposed for Mount Dennis

A developer has applied to the city to build a 35-storey tower on Locust Street, a short, dead-end residential street in Mount Dennis near Eglinton and Weston Road.

From the application

The tower would include 374 units, and would back onto Oxford Drive.

From OpenStreetMap

The developers will ask the city to change the planning rules for the area, which currently allow only buildings 4-storeys or shorter.  They argue that this is justified because the building will be near the new Mount Dennis Station.

The streetscape at present (from Google Maps)
The streetscape as imagined by the developers (from the application)

My take:

The developers argue—oddly, if you ask me—that the building “is appropriate and desirable and would fit harmoniously” within the area. That seems a little optimistic.

This would be the tallest building in Mount Dennis by a large margin, but will be on a tiny, dead-end residential street, on which two cars can’t pass if a third is parked. It’s far too large a building on far too small a road. It’s not appropriate, desirable or harmonious.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

13 thoughts on “35-storey development proposed for Mount Dennis”

  1. I agree with Anonymous… build density near transit! Looks good to me. Low-rises won’t fit with the city’s growth…we need more transit, and where it exists density should be permitted.

    1. The former city of York’s official plan had the mount DENNIS area of eglinton and Weston rd as a major hub withup to 10,000 people living there . So this development fits into that old plan. When you spend the money on the crosstown along with the go line and ups you have to have the density to help pay for it. .tjis place should be approved along with many more. Make this area vibrant area where people will want to live. Dine and enjoy themselves . A new liberty village

    1. seems like they really want to make weston -mount dennis the armpit of toronto……. oh and according to people in the know if section 37 deal works out, the developers can go 40 stories high, limit parking spots, no elevators but will build a ymca for the community….oh I can’t wait…

  2. Several mid-rise buildings that are about 12 storeys high would be more appropriate for this low-rise area, instead of one 35 storey building. It’s called gentle density, not aggressive density. Please review the city of Toronto’s highly acclaimed, award-winning plan, Eglinton Connects, which was passed by Toronto City Council in 2014, which includes Mount Dennis.

  3. Look what the high rises have brought to Weston, guns, gangs and what used to be a beautiful town. Too many low income areas. It used to be a beautiful place, lovely homes, period houses, churches,shopping and a Saturday market.

  4. “ ..This is appropriate.”
    “..I agree.. build density near transit! Looks good to me.”
    “ ..Make this area vibrant.. a new liberty village.”
    “ ..the only way is UP!”
    “ ..bring on the builders!”

    Said, no one!

    ..Who has ever cared for or hoped for better in the Mount Dennis or Weston areas. (Or any urban areas like in central Paris or Barcelona, as noted in an earlier article about building heights & community.)

    Frankly, “Anonymous at 3:43pm” is sensible & correct when they say “gentle density, not aggressive density” would be more in keeping with this area of Mount Dennis. And, that “several mid-rise buildings about 12 storeys would be more appropriate in a relative low rise area.”

    And, if for no other reason than better safety standards & maintaining the infrastructure, too.

    Sure, maybe it’s just me but a phallus-like architectural design isn’t attractive. And, I’d like to think that I’m not alone when I say that at the very least, this developer and their supporters should at least reconsider and try again.

    Come on, fellas. Romance the design & proposal a little bit more – or at the very least, kiss the neighbourhood before you have your way with it and then, disappear.

    (Sorry. The above design imagery made me do it.)

  5. Mount Dennis will be the second largest mobility hub in Toronto. Development of this type is inevitable next to transit. Move further away from the hub or out of the city if you want more space, less traffic, and low rise buildings. People need places to live next to transit and the only way to do that is to build up when space is limited.

  6. No, compromise on your grandiose designs, please. And then, we’ll all be a little more comfortable with the relationship, and the collective needs that you purport to have.

    You shouldn’t be allowed to gorge yourself at the trough just because there’s a mobility hub there – ready for your exploitation.

    Try harder to blend..
    .. with an eye toward the future, and not just volume & return on investment.

    Perhaps then and only then, when people look back at what’s been done properly they’ll tip their hat in respect to your altruistic efforts on behalf of the disadvantaged.

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