4 arrested for auto break-ins

Toronto Police have some good news for a change.

Four people have been arrested for breaking into cars in the Weston area. Police charged them with “hundreds of offenses”.

If you live in Weston, you’ve probably had your car burgled. I have, several times. The thieves worked the neighbourhood at night, checking cars for unlocked doors. They generally took only small things, and were completely indiscriminate. I had a wallet and an iPod stolen, but I also lost nine cans of beans and a handful of loose change stuck to the console with spilled pop. My $600 stroller was left behind.

Graciously, the crooks never broke windows or jimmied locks; I often speculated that they felt just differently about private space—but perhaps I am too generous. I know my neighbours and I chalked our losses up to our own stupidity and seldom reported them, so maybe the burglars thought they could shear we sheep many times, but only skin us once.

There is no guarantee, of course, that these were the same crooks as worked Weston. The announcement was made by 12 Division, which includes only the southernmost part of Weston.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “4 arrested for auto break-ins”

  1. I am really glad i stumbled upon your blog..i too (of course) live in weston. This caught my eye, as i have been a victim to car burglery 3 times in a span of three months. The sad part is that it happened in an underground parking lot…..i don’t want to leave to many details on here but i hope their caught because it was a anxiety provoking experience coming home late at night and having to park in an underground parking lot!

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