40 years of Santa in Weston: a guest article by Marion O’Sullivan

The little girl who always wanted to go to the Macy’s Christmas parade, as yet, has not gotten her wish, but she got something even better. This is my 10th anniversary as the coordinator of the Weston Parade, and it’s been a joy.

On a larger scale, on Sunday, Nov 25th at 2.00 p.m., when the parade rolls down Weston Rd from Church Street to Dennison Ave, this great community tradition will be celebrating its 40th anniversary! And this is truly a testament to the indomitable spirit that is Weston as well the parade’s ability to adapt.

At least half of the high school kids who now wear costumes and carry banners in the parade come from homes where Christmas is not celebrated, but they and their parents still love them to be part of the event and they do it because they also love Weston.

Another way in which the parade has adapted is by keeping up with current trends. This year in addition to the marching bands and 40 community floats, the 501 Star Wars Troopers will be part of the event, as will characters from Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig, both very popular kid’s shows. To add theatrical flair to the parade, the Sunny Tang Lion Dancers will be displaying their amazing artistry.

Weston may be small, but our Weston Parade is MIGHTY. For more information on the parade, please visit our website at: www.westonvillagebia.com or email us at: [email protected] We still need volunteers!

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

13 thoughts on “40 years of Santa in Weston: a guest article by Marion O’Sullivan”

  1. Thanks for all you do Marion.
    I have only been in the parade for the last 6 years or so, but have had fun every year. I started building items for the TPS 12 Division float with the CPLC because it brought us all together, LEF and the Eco-pirates as well as many others in the community. Nothing is more fun than watching parents and kids eyes light up at sight of our float! Anything to draw a community together is a good thing and you have been a very big part of that! Thank you.

  2. always a great event…great work Marion…..would be cool if you could do it in evening like a light festival show, but then my guess no one would come cause we all know that Weston rd is damn scary at night.

      1. Children cant go out at 5pm or 6pm? they do this in many other places….except on Weston Rd, cause its scary at night.

  3. We had discussed a night parade at 12 div years ago. The logistics of shutting down all the roads at night would be way too difficult and disruptive ! I have see night parades and yes they are awesome to see. But its harder to get generators and wires on a moving vehicle. lots more safety issues. BTW I don’t think Weston RD is scary at all!

    1. The same logistics and safety issues exist in all areas that do night parades, but one thing it does do is give the participants more time to decorate their floats and with lights you don’t need to do much decorating. I agree with you that Weston is a lot safer than people perceive. Other ideas would be to have a Christmas Market on John Street with a smaller night parade.

  4. Marion, you were a god-send 10 years ago and Weston is lucky to have you and your vision!! The parade is awesome, something a little different every year and people who don’t come to watch are missing out! I’m really excited for this year’s event and you should be proud of your accomplishments over the past 10 years.

    Agree with Trevor… Weston Road is perfectly safe after dark. You can ask many of us who are out and about going to meetings, picking up dinner or working until midnight. It might ‘scary’ at about 2am in some of the seedier areas but I’ve been out by myself on the street at 11pm and didn’t see a soul around. The ‘myth’ of a scary street is exactly that….

    1. Thank you all for your compliments but there is one person whose help and guidance I rely on every day not just for the parade but for all things Weston. Suri at Squibbs Bookstore, has been my mentor from the beginning and is the one person I know I can call on for help and advice any time I need it and who gives unconditionally.She embodies the indomitable Weston spirit I was referring to in my article.

  5. BMO closing Weston branch.
    Can’t wait to hear about how John st rental will help revitalize Weston Rd……

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