5 Bellevue residents still without hot water.

I spoke with a number of residents at 5 Bellvue Crescent today and they are still without hot water despite being promised that the problem would be fixed on Tuesday 17th. Hundreds of people live in the building and many are children, seniors or disabled. Apparently hot water has been available for random periods of perhaps an hour on some days and this has been ongoing since June. Five Bellevue is a Toronto Community Housing building but it is managed by a private company.

This situation persists despite media coverage and the intervention of Federal NDP Candidate Yafet Tewelde. Chiara Padovani assisted tenants last year during a water outage. This lack of adequate response from the city illustrates the kind of disrespect that public housing tenants face – both subtle and in this case not so subtle. Residents had few kind words to say about Councillor Frances Nunziata and feel that her efforts on their behalf have been (to put it kindly) inadequate. They also have nowhere to turn – if they phone 311 they are told that it’s up to the management company and there’s nothing the City can do (in the residents’ words they are getting the run-around).

This is quite simply disgraceful and Councillor Nunziata owes these residents an explanation along with a realistic date for when hot water service will be restored on a permanent basis.

2 thoughts on “5 Bellevue residents still without hot water.”

    1. In a wealthy country like this, we don’t have hot water. This began June 15/19, having hot water every so often. I have been on the phone to every level of government, to no avail. TCHC says they are working on the problem. Does this tell you anything? It doesn’t to the residents of Bellevue. My thoughts are, the city is saving money on hydro. The people in the building are threatening to pay rent to Landlord and Tenant tribunal (75%), so far. Do you think we will have the hot water repaired. Final notation..last count some tenants were told no shower for 4 more months by a Dell Management employee. Are we being treated like human beings? NOT.. disgusting!

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