5 Bellevue without hot water

The residents of 5 Bellevue have been without hot water for two weeks, according to CityNews. The building is owned by Toronto Community Housing and has had a history of water problems. In September, they had no water at all for a few days.

The boiler was scheduled to be fixed early this week.

Yafet Tewelde, who is campaigning to be our NDP MP, took to Twitter to complain—though he did so inaccurately, saying that it had been six months.

Frances Nunziata did not return my email.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “5 Bellevue without hot water”

  1. What a scandal. There’s lots of attention to other neighbourhoods but we only get council’s attention when a developer wants to raise another tower or two.

    Frances Nunziata calls everyone back who might vote for her, but she doesn’t do anything but reassure or says it’s not her department. Action? Possibly …

    1. The living conditions our neighbours in Toronto Community Housing towers face on a daily basis truly are deplorable and scandalous. And here’s the kicker: Why should private landlords care about maintaining their apartment towers when the city does such a shoddy job with their own. The impact of this neglect is felt most in neighbourhoods like Weston where we have a concentration of apartment towers (public and private), many in varying states of disrepair. It’s why I pushed for enforcing better apartment tower property standards and implementing landlord licensing when I was in public office … more than 10 years ago. Sadly, little has changed since then and we all lose as a result. BUT there is an election campaign going on right now! Maybe we should vote for candidates who actually care about issues like this …

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