5 buildings to be ashamed of in Weston

You don’t have to go to New Orleans or Detroit to see urban decay. Weston has some appalling rot right on our main street.

Buildings need people like people need buildings: just as we die without housing, they die without inhabitants. Decay and mould soon ruin empty properties, so abandoned buildings show deep despair in a community—nobody would abandon a building that had a future.

But in Weston, there are several buildings that have been left empty and decaying for years. One building in particular, one of Canada’s oldest, has been abandoned for at least 10 years.

The Plank Road building at 2375 (or 2371) Weston Road was built in 1841, 25 years before Canada existed. Though it is beautiful and historic, it has been empty for at least ten years; photographs from the Ontario Heritage Properties Database show that it was certainly abandoned in June of 2000, and judging from its condition, it looks to have been abandoned years before that.

Plank buildingPlank building

It’s not the only abandoned building on Weston Road, merely the oldest. An old liquor store has been abandoned since at least 2007, when I moved to Weston. It was likely abandoned before that. There is a bright side: behind the store, a very large parcel has returned to nature–it’s completely inaccessible and probably a lovely refuge for wildlife.

The most decrepit buildings are certainly two houses on the west side of the street. While the Plank house has had a new roof put on and the LCBO looks like it could be salvaged, these two houses are completely ruined. Nobody will live in them again, yet nobody will tear them down.

Finally, a burned-out Donut shop at 2562 Weston Rd has the highest visibility. It is right near the highway off-ramp and across from the gigantic grocery store. Its owner has not repaired the store since it was gutted by fire. It, too, has been in this state for many years.

All of these properties are on Weston Road, and all are within a kilometer. They exist because businesspeople, politicians, and residents feel our community is a dump. They would not stand anywhere else in Toronto.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

8 thoughts on “5 buildings to be ashamed of in Weston”

  1. The Plank Road building is currently undergoing repair due to pressure from the Weston Heritage Conservation District, Weston Historical Society and Councillor Nunziata. There are work orders from the City to address some of the issues. Hopefully, once the building is more ‘habitable’ the owners and the community members involved will be able to find a suitable purpose.

    The Beer Store has some serious issues with a leaking oil drum underneath the property which is now in litigation. It will be some time still until the property can be rehabilitated and sold.

  2. “They exist because business people, politicians, and residents feel our community is a dump. They would not stand anywhere else in Toronto.”

    ***BAM!*** This comment disappeared in a rainbow of troll dust and love!

  3. You might be interested to know that the yellow house is the Coulter farmhouse. The Coulter farm was located where Coulter Avenue is now, and the Coulter Foundry was beside the house, in the property from Weston Rd to the Humber.

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