5 years together

Five years ago today, I wrote the first post on this little site of ours.

I remember very clearly why I decided to blog: I’m useless. If I could build, I’d help fix something great in Weston. If I could give good advice, I would give it. If I could follow orders, I would pitch in and help out. But I can’t. Ask my wife. I’m hopeless.

I took an inventory of my skills—didn’t take long—and I realized that I can do precisely two things. I can type, and I talk to myself. I already spent a lot of time jabbering, so I got to tapping.

And that’s how we got started here. My first big story was a proposal, now long forgotten, to move St John the Evangelist to Swanek Park. It was thrilling to report on, and it taught me a lot: Some people hated me. Some people liked me. I got tips, and I got used, and I got to see the keenness of local politics. I was lucky to get started on something so interesting.

But most of all, I learned that people are interested. No big media cover local schools, but ‘little’ stories really matter. Of course, what we do here isn’t the Economist or the Globe. But I think—I hope—that people care because we write about things they know and think about. And ask a kid: little things are really big when you’re up close.

Roy Murray joined up not long after, and he’s been a stalwart friend and Westonian since. I’m very grateful to him. He’s a braver, better writer than me, and as a good friend he always makes me feel both that I am doing well and that I can do more. Thank you, Roy.

You all started to join in too, and you brought your neighbours. Every day now, we get a few hundred visits. Every month we get 8 or 9,000. Some of you send me tips. Some give me grief. Some send me money to pay Natalie, our wonderful student writer, and many of you simply follow along. Thanks very much, every one of you. And thank you, very much, Natalie.

Five years! To fifty more!





Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

7 thoughts on “5 years together”

  1. Has it already been 5 years?! Wow. I found your website so helpful in keeping me up to date with what’s happening in Weston. Thank you Adam, Roy and the student writers like Natalie.

  2. I was just telling my husband that we’d have no idea what was going on in Weston and it would feel like less of a close community if it wasn’t for you and this blog. Thank your for all that you do.

  3. Ditto all that, and more and again! As well as reading through (what’s left of — and we know this because of you) police reports, and City by-laws and acres of PR material, you also are able to cut through it all and get the information we need to us!!
    What a gift Weston Web has been and will continue to be: Thanks!

  4. My husband and I just moved to Weston in April and we were so happy to find this very informative blog. Thanks to all of you for all that you do in helping to bring our community together.

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