In Touch shut down

The awful In Touch ‘retirement’ ‘home’ has been told to close its doors, according to the Toronto Star. In Touch made news a few years ago for its deplorable conditions and its awful treatment of residents. The subsequent reverberations have changed the industry.

Now Elaine Lindo, the owner of the former Tyrell home located on the corner of Rosemount and King, has been told to close up shop. Lindo lost her licence to operate a retirement home. She also lost an appeal.

According to The Star, the owner

finds most of her clients on the streets and in hospital wards, then offers them care in exchange for their assignment of their pensions.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “In Touch shut down”

  1. There were so many horror stories and investigations into deplorable conditions at this home, and then we watched the construction of the new entrance (money that came from residents? the city?) that seemed to indicate a new era, only to discover that those helpless people were still being scammed.
    I feel as though I’ve been driving by one of those battery-chicken barns with the terrible smell and ignoring what I almost know about what’s inside — and as long as the city continues to cut services and inspections in order not to stir up the issue of taxes, we’re happy with Nunziata and Ford and all the rest of the circus clowns.
    We are all responsible for our elderly, and I apologize to all those people who have suffered there, and walked our sidewalks looking dazed and, well, old, that it took so long to finally end this woman’s power over them.
    I too hope they find good care, and I feel humiliated that we allowed this to go on for so long.Report

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