70 arrested in gang raids, including in Weston

The Five Point Generalz, a gang that operated in Weston, has been broken up by the Toronto Police in a series of raids across the GTA. 70 people were arrested, and “a significant number of firearms and large quantities of narcotics” were seized.

There have been several high-profile and public shootings in the Weston area—though no fatalities—this year, including a shootout last week near Jane and Eglinton.

Chief Saunders said that they had been responsible for violence across the city, “but specifically within that area of the city, the west end of the city”.
In Weston, the apartment building at 35 King was raided by the Emergency Task Force.

The ETF raiding 35 King St
Raid at 35 King in Weston: Photo from the Toronto Police

Police Chief Mark Saunders said, “We allege that the Five Point Generals are a dangerous street gang that, while having roots in the area surrounding Weston Rd. and Lawrence Ave. W., its criminal activities extended throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area and into other parts of the country, the United States and even as far away as the Caribbean.”

The Five Point Generalz have operated in Weston for many years. A turf war between about 2005 and 2010 led to much violence, and as many as eight homicides, including the murder of 11-year-old Ephraim Brown, killed by crossfire in a gang shootout tied to the gang (the alleged killer was acquitted). Raids in 2010 seriously disrupted the gang, and by 2013, the gang was broke:

“None of them could afford a car,” [a defense lawyer] said. “They were on the wires a number of times talking about what bus they were on and what stop they were getting off. They were living in conditions of poverty.”

Chief Saunders refused to address the history of the Five Point Generalz, saying that he wouldn’t give them credibility. He did acknowledge that they had a long history in the city.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.