9 years later, two houses remain dangerous eye-sores

There are two buildings in Weston that really get under my skin. Every time I see them, they upset me.

They’re the houses at 2276 and 2274 (or so) Weston Road. For much more than a decade, they’ve been falling down. They’re patently dangerous, but since I’ve lived here they’ve remained standing—becoming ever more hazardous and ever uglier.

Nine years ago

Today, on my way to pick up dinner, I thought I’d stop by. There’s a fence, after

It’s a little hard to tell, but this is the view *through* the front window. That’s snow and daylight.

a fashion, on the front of the property—but it has gaps, and there’s nothing at all on the side of the property.

The roof and first storey on the rightmost building has fallen in, and it’s possible to see daylight and snow in the house. The porch roof, too, has collapsed. The roof of the taller building is collapsing, and it looks like someone has been prying at the boarding on the back.

I am not a lawyer, but the half-hearted  fencing and missing boarding both seem to be bylaw violations. The city says that all vacant buildings must be securely boarded up and that the owners of hazardous buildings “shall erect and maintain fencing to prevent access to the property.” The fencing is supposed to be made permanent if work isn’t being done on the building.

There are larger issues: it’s not at all clear why, even after 10 years, the bylaws aren’t being enforced.

It’s especially unclear why the city allows houses to fall down—and to drag property values with them. I once got a whopping ticket for putting out my trash on the wrong day, but it seems that allowing my whole property to become a dump would be a-okay.

And it’s totally opaque to me why we—you and I—haven’t complained until these homes got fixed. Those houses are a necrotic spot on Weston’s artery.  Did we stop noticing the ache? Were we hoping it would pass?

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

15 thoughts on “9 years later, two houses remain dangerous eye-sores”

  1. Thanks for this article. I live directly across the street from these two houses and they make me grieve and and very angry looking at them. I wish someone would go in the middle of the night and tear them down or something. It would be very interesting to know who owned these properties and why they have been allowed to leave them vacant and delapelated for so long. I would live to see these bull dozed

    1. Jessica, get Nunziata on the phone. Those records are public and anyone can access them. Call the city, get signatures from your neighbors, call the fire chief. Those places are hazards. Unsafe.

    1. If they are historical, what is the historical Weston society has to say? Regardless, they should be fix!

  2. I was told they were owned by a guy who lived in 2292 Weston Road not sure if he is still there or not.He used to rent the rooms out to the bums in the neighborhood but heard he kicked them out eventually cause they weren’t paying up.You would see them sitting on the porch out front.Recently they had a loader of some kind that dozed them in why they are worse now.Rumor was they were going to be torn down and a condo put up several years ago but it never happened.If they were historical it is a shame that they weren’t preserved big corporations have no respect for the word historical anymore it’s all about the almighty buck and building shoe boxes to live in for inflated ridiculous prices.

  3. The numbering on those two houses (according to a City of Toronto Building Permit Status map) are 2270 and 2274. A building permit is indicated only for the house at 2270.

    1. Oops. There is no permit for #2270. I had accidentally clicked on the house which put a blue dot on it and (later) interpreted that blue dot as a building permit because there was a “building permit” in the search header with a blue dot beside it. Sorry.

  4. A perfect opportunity for affordable housing…..considering there is a lack of it in this city.

    1. Christina -lee ….give us a break! Perfect opportunity for affordable housing. How much more affordable housing and low income rentals does Weston need. NONE! the city need more affordable housing yes. But not on Weston rd, where these eye sores are.

      1. wow how someone can even suggest adding more affordable units to weston rd is completely disgusting…

        1. aintthatthetruth, I wonder if you could be sure to observe dinner party rules. I don’t think you would call people, or even their arguments, “disgusting” were you at a party.

          1. yes I would…..if they are wrong and its offensive yes I would say they are being disgusting.

  5. I would buy that property and slap two nice semi-detached homes on there BUT that idea would go nowhere thanks to the opposition of the backward thinking living-in-the-past members of the “Weston Heritage or Conservation of Whatever the Hell These People are Trying to Achieve Association”. They would rather see these “historical” buildings left in the state they are in, instead of a little modernization to residential homes in the area. I bet the same people complaining about this eyesore are the same people that have opposed many proposed projects in and around Weston Village in the recent years.

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