Albanese looks unloved

Laura Albanese was left looking a bit like the unloved stepchild in the House yesterday. The Liberals—her own party— gave flaccid responses to her pointed questions about the Air Rail Link, leaving Albanese’s clout in question.

Last week, Metrolinx announced, to nobody’s surprise, that it was going to buy diesel trains for the ARL, even though Metrolinx’s own study showed only a month ago that electric trains make more sense in the long run. Albanese, and her colleague Tony Ruprecht from Davenport, asked the Transportation Minister why the government is moving forward with the purchase of the diesel trains.

Kathleen Wynne responded with the same old limp lines about the Pan Am Games and being an ‘international city’.

We are committed to having the air-rail link in place in time for the Pan Am Games in 2015. It’s a very important part of our commitment on the Pan Am Games. …

The air-rail link will connect Pearson airport to Union Station. There’s a need for this rail link if we’re going to be an international city. We need to have this air-rail link in place.

Your humble correspondent can’t believe that anyone finds these answers satisfactory. First, Pearson gets more than 85,000 passengers on a typical day. A two-week,  C-list event that will draw 10,000 athletes is hardly going to break the city.  Second, worrying about being world-class is so 1995.  And anyway, a world-class city would have a world-class link, not a filthy and noisy one. Surely not even Wynne believes Wynne.

Albanese must be feeling like her party forgot to let her in before they went to bed. Being unable to get  a decent answer leaves her looking impotent. At the same time, Albanese can’t go too hard on the Liberals—she is one, after all.

YSW residents might wonder just what the point of having an insider is.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Albanese looks unloved”

  1. In the interests of fairness, you have previously reported that Ms Albanese seems to have filled her duties as our representative adequately, sitting on committees and generally showing up.

    Obviously, just being there is not enough.

  2. You’re right. I quite like Ms. Albanese, and as far as I can tell, she has been a generally good MPP.

    It is all the more unfair, then, that she’s getting shut out by her party.

  3. To get the full gist of what was said by our MPP and others, please visit the Hansard notes taken from yesterday’s presentation of the motion and the speaking to it. You will get some of the passion and emotion from reading both Klees’ and DiNovo’s comments but I was baffled by Ruprecht and even Albanese’s comments as I could not tell if they were walking the fine line or being fully supportive of their residents.

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