Major Weston Property Deal Being Cooked…Ramifications all round

Ever since Scotiabank pulled the plug on its Weston and Lawrence location, speculation has been mounting regarding the future of the corner site. It’s a bit of a historic building in its own right and might even be preserved in some form when redevelopment inevitably takes place. When the discussions (Charettes) around planning for the … Continue reading “Major Weston Property Deal Being Cooked…Ramifications all round”

Weston Cultural Hub – the issues, Part 2.

This is the second of a three-part series on the proposal to build a Cultural Hub in Weston. The community of Weston Housing: Weston is awash in apartments. A walk along Weston Road will give an idea of how plentiful they are. Anyone currently looking to rent an apartment in Weston has a huge number to … Continue reading “Weston Cultural Hub – the issues, Part 2.”

30 Storey tower concerns residents

There’s some good news and bad in the latest development proposal unveiled in last week’s information meeting hosted by Councillor Frances Nunziata. Well over 100 people packed the York West Active Living Centre where terms such as podium as it refers to the base of a tall tower and Woonerf were tossed around. Since the move of Weston GO Station … Continue reading “30 Storey tower concerns residents”

Plans for South Station revealed

The city had an open house last week to reveal their plans for the intersection of Lawrence and South Station Street. The plans call for: A more walkable village Streets that are more than car corridors A greener village with more large-canopy trees More cultural expression Identifiable landmarks to mark Weston     The redesign … Continue reading “Plans for South Station revealed”

Roy’s bio

Roy Murray has lived in the area since 1993 and loves the variety, ethnic diversity and huge potential of Weston. It contains a heritage community built for walking with a storefront retail area full of possibilities, a farmers market, transportation links that whisk people downtown in under 15 minutes and a string of parks along the beautiful … Continue reading “Roy’s bio”

Weston Station Master Plan Draws a Crowd

About 70 citizens and all three of our elected representatives, MP Mike Sullivan, MPP Laura Albanese and Councillor Frances Nunziata came out to 1901 Weston Road last night to provide additional citizen input to that already given at July’s Weston Charette and the previous station planning meeting. The meeting was well run and moved briskly, … Continue reading “Weston Station Master Plan Draws a Crowd”

Weston planning conference wraps up

The Weston 2021 design conference ended on Thursday. For three days, dozens of Toronto’s best and brightest architects and planners devoted themselves to solving the problems in Weston. The ‘charette’ was organized by Frances Nunziata, our city councillor, and developed out of the work of Paul Bedford, Toronto’s former Chief Planner. The architects and urban … Continue reading “Weston planning conference wraps up”