Alan Tonks’ son responds to election loss

A reader has sent in an interesting, sad, and bitter letter to the Toronto Star by Alan Tonks’ son, Matthew Tonks. Alan Tonks was, of course, defeated in the recent election by the NDP candidate, Mike Sullivan. In the letter, Matthew Tonks says, … First off, I am baffled at the way the federal “orange … Continue reading “Alan Tonks’ son responds to election loss”

Alan Tonks is a Top Dissenter

The Globe and Mail has a story today on MPs and their parliamentary activities. While our Federal MP Alan Tonks is not among the absentee or silent members, he and Mississauga MP Paul Szabo hold the record for voting with the Tories against the Liberal Party mainstream. As noted previously, he opposed a bill to … Continue reading “Alan Tonks is a Top Dissenter”

Alan Tonks Votes Republican

Alan Tonks seems to be voting more and more with the right wing of the Tory Party these days. According to, he recently voted to oppose a private member’s bill seeking to add ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression’ to the Canada Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code’s hate crimes section. Tonks wasn’t alone; six … Continue reading “Alan Tonks Votes Republican”

Alan Tonks tables motion for e-trains. In 2011.

Alan Tonks, the MP for York South–Weston, has tabled a private member’s bill that would call the federal government to look into the benefits of electric commuter trains. When he spoke in the House to table Bill C-614, Tonks said, This particular issue is with respect to a transportation strategy that has evolved, which has resulted … Continue reading “Alan Tonks tables motion for e-trains. In 2011.”

Tonks mistaken about rail safety

While debating a bill about railway safety, Alan Tonks spoke about the Georgetown tracks that run through Weston. But he did not criticize them; in fact, he seemed to be their booster. And he is misleading or mistaken about important matters of train regulation. Tonks said that The greater Toronto area is choking on congestion…. … Continue reading “Tonks mistaken about rail safety”