A boy was disappointed today

If a  Triceratops fought a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which would win? If Batman battled Daredevil, who would be the victor? If a cement truck crashed into a freight train, what would happen?

All of these boyhood questions remain unanswered, though we came very close to answering the last yesterday in Weston. A truck carrying cement crashed into the train bridge near Oak  St and Weston Road, halting train traffic on the Georgetown line temporarily. Nobody was hurt, according to the Star.


Thanks to Danny for the awesome photos.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “A boy was disappointed today”

  1. One of the good things to come out of the GO train expansion: new bridge! This one is going cave in one of these days.

  2. no problem adam.

    mel, i’m not sure i share the same enthusiasm for a new bridge. to me, the current bridge is aesthetically pleasing because it doesn’t overwhelm like some of the monster bland concrete bridges in the area. it fits in nice. i’m not sure how the new 4 track bridge (minus the centre column) will fit in or what kind of details it will have. the current bridge has some nice detail (design details and painted on details) which i hope will be replicated in the new structure.

    an interesting note about the bridge, if you look closely under the deck, you can see where the power lines for the weston streetcar (and then trolley bus) were anchored.

    it would be nice if weston could retain the decorative deck of the bridge, maybe they could put it in a park. it’s a pretty old piece of weston and it would be a shame to throw it out. it appears modular so maybe they could use its outside sections as long capstones in a retaining wall.

  3. Yeah I remember the trolley buses on Weston..What’s the year on that bridge?..1914? I think this maybe the only or one of almost 100 year bridges in Toronto. It would be nice if they persevered the stone of the old one..I have not see designs of the newer bridge coming. But I have seen some close calls of trucks passing through going slowly through holding up traffic.

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