A few votes short on humps on Purdy

Toronto staff are recommending against installing humps on Purdy Crescent, because only 46% of residents responded to the poll, even though 68% of respondents were in favour. The rules say that 50%+1 of residents must respond to get the city’s blessing.

If you are in favour of the humps, all is not lost. Frances Nunziata has the power to (and regularly does) overrule the recommendation of city staff. Etobicoke York Council will be meeting on March 21st.

And now we dance.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “A few votes short on humps on Purdy”

  1. The speed humps on MacDonald only had a 40% response rate but still got installed. The voting record at the Etobicoke-York Council was interesting, as both Rob Ford and Doug Holyday were against their installation.

  2. I don’t live near there but isn’t Purdy a crescent? I notice on google maps it might be a short cut to get to Rosemont. But I think it’s not good idea to have humps on a crescent. I think the same coucil rejected stop signs on Deerhurst & Queensland but a lot of neighbours demand it anyway and Frances just overrule it and it’s there.

  3. If the residents on the street want the humps, put them in. They’re the ones who have to live with cars speeding by. I’m on Queen’s drive and am glad we have the ones we do. I wouldn’t mind a few more.

    Why are humps on a crescent not a good idea?

  4. It just looks like a short street. Anyway we wouldn’t have spend all this money if people would just drive properly. Ontario has the worst drivers.

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