A local hero: Barbara Bisgrove


I had the pleasure of interviewing Barbara Bisgrove: a long time Westonian and cofounder of the Weston King Neighbourhood Centre, a drop-in and resource centre in the Central United Church.

Ms Bisgrove is the first-ever Weston Hero: a person who gives much to her community. Click on the little arrow to hear our chat.


I interviewed others at the WKNC, and I hope to weave the interviews together into a small documentary. More to come.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “A local hero: Barbara Bisgrove”

  1. My dear Aunt Barbara, you sound as youthful as ever and anytime you ever visited us here in the old country of England it was like Christmas. You always brought joy to our distant family and warm hugs to cold hearts and it is wonderful to know that your love for the homeless continues to reflect the love of Christ and you do it so humbly. The alternative space too is an excellent and noble act and may it especially grant peace and prosperity to all who shelter in it , God bless you all .

  2. This is the work of heroism: Barbara has vision and dedication to the hard work that involves nothing apparently heroic, and we are lucky to have her and all the people who work so hard at the Neighbourhood Centre.
    Thanks for writing about her and thank you Ms Bisgrove.

  3. I’ve witnessed Barbara Bisgrove’s good work first-hand. She is a true gem. How lucky Weston is to have someone as selfless as she.

    Thanks to WestonWeb for highlighting her and the work she does!

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