A nail in the coffin of the UP Express

UP Express riders will be paying to not park their cars, according to The Star and CP24. Every passenger will pay about $2 to Pearson Airport to compensate for lost parking revenue.

The absurdity of paying for a parking space you don’t use has not been lost on commenters, who have been scathing. Metrolinx responded to the criticism on Twitter in PR speak:

Appreciate interest in . Ticket pricing will be released by end of year. Variable, competitive price is our goal.

The cost of the trip is absolutely key: according to the Auditor General, the UP Express is will lose money because the math does not work. The private-sector backer backed out in 2010. Funnelling $2 of every fare to Pearson won’t make this better.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “A nail in the coffin of the UP Express”

  1. Metrolinx responds to Pearson’s fears about lost parking revenue but not about community fears of diesel fumes, construction mayhem … ! We’re invisible casualties of this fiscal fiasco, except for supplying the squandered tax dollars.

  2. Ya and look how no one really cares re-electing the same people that actually made the UP Express happen…….you will pay the extra $2 and like it.

  3. I also want to go on record here to express my appreciation for Paul Ferreira: You ran a principled campaign, and have remained quite consistent on this issue (the UP Express) and others. I sincerely regret that you were not successful in the last election; I believe you would have been the best, most sincere representative for our community‘s interests.

  4. My hubby wants me to add, re. Paul Ferreira: “It‘s a shame you weren‘t party to stealing a billion dollars from us, because then you might have received more votes … apparently, that‘s what it takes to win a by-election and a general election.“

    But all sarcasm aside … again, much regret.

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