A note on crime reporting on WestonWeb

I never like covering the crime stories. I know that these are the stories that stick in people’s minds.

But Weston is doing just fine. Crime is dramatically down.

In the past 10 months, there have been 22 reported street robberies. That’s about two a month. The bulk of them are robberies of teens by teens, and many are done right after school gets out. Subtracting those (for no good reason but that they resemble bullying and are unlikely to be the kind of crime that threatens a WestonWeb reader), we are left with 11 street robberies—about one a month—few of which ended in injury.

This is 11 robberies too many, to be sure. But Weston is a city within a city, and a certain amount of crime is understandable, if regrettable. And even that amount of crime is decreasing. Police statistics show there has been even less crime this year. All kinds of crime are down, and by large numbers.¹ Total crime is down too, and dramatically: -15% in north Weston and -25% in south Weston.  Robberies, which we have had a rash of lately, are down in both 12 and 31 Divisions.

I hope you’ll keep these facts in mind as you read the bad news here. I publish this bad news because it’s important. It’s important so that we keep the police and the politicians on their toes. It’s important that people know we are watching. But bad news is probably not important to you: you and yours are very unlikely to be the victim of a violent crime—and less likely to be one now than in years.

At WestonWeb, you read about events that would never have made it to the big papers and you read about places you know very well. These factors give my crime stories a disproportionate punch, I think. But I don’t worry, and I read every single one of these stories. I don’t think you should worry either.

¹ Murders in 31 Division are up, but a few murders make a large difference to percentage statistics, and there have been no murders in Weston. 31 Division includes Jane–Finch.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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