A poll, and bearhunting

Yesterday my daughter and I went bear hunting in Weston. We did great, catching a dozen at least. Thank you to those who are making this a little less unbearable for the kids and kidlets!

On the way home, we decided to have a little competition and take some arty photographs. My eldest is quite convinced that she has an poet’s soul and much talent. I think it’s time we disabuse her of this notion and get her into solar cell engineering, a field in which I am certain she will excel.

Please vote on the following photos and let me know which is your favourite. In the name of science, I shall not say who took which photo. You will have to vote on their merits alone.

Childhood restrained

In the first, entitled “Childhood restrained” we see an allegorical photograph of a child’s toy seemingly held back by caution tape. Is the tape holding the toy in? Or is it keeping the children out? The background, softened by a long lens and open aperture, shows a play structure, empty, made misty as if by memory or time, accentuating the distance between childhood and the present.

In the latter photo, called “Piece of tape”, we see some tape.

Leave your comment below. “Childhood restrained” or “Piece of tape”? The loser (my daughter) does the dishes.




Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

15 thoughts on “A poll, and bearhunting”

    1. and seniors living alone, people with mobility issues, or people that don’t like other but people living together…everyone is impacted one way or another.

  1. I vote for “Piece of Tape” … looming yellow caution banner is perfect, with blue sky and bare trees glimpsed above.

    No pictures of the bears?

  2. “Piece of Tape” really emphasizes our collective need for CAUTION right now. Insightful!

  3. Two votes for “Piece of Tape” with the fabulous decision to take the low perspective that gets the tape and the sky and trees!

  4. Piece of tape is hands-down the winner. Childhood restrained is a bit obvious it seems, I think.

  5. Yeah, both are good & worthy of praise.

    And, I certainly can appreciate the “..collective need for Caution”, “.. the looming yellow caution banner is perfect, with blue sky and bare trees..” and all the obvious warning signals. But, because the kids don’t yet have a “unionized & unified voice” (and Mike’s leaving), as a former kid who can still hear Cat Stevens’ 1970s voice lamenting the encroaching global problem of, “Where Do the Children Play” – I’m bummed for our kids.

    So, it’s still “Childhood restraint”, for this former “latchkey kid”.

    (Bail our here, if you’ve had enough of this buddy boy.)

    Born in Toronto, but first attended school in the Niagara region where we were never driven to Elmwood School which was like the distance between Weston Rd & Jane Street – the better part of 2 km away.

    And, because it was somewhat semi-rural there were no sidewalks and so we learned to walk facing traffic, there and back.

    “In the snow, Boomer?”
    (..you ask, while rolling your eyes)

    Oh, for sure.
    Even more fun!

    “Elmer the Safety Elephant” taught us well and our folks felt pretty good about ol’ Elmer, too.

    Now, my earliest recollection of being a “latchkey kid” was back here in Toronto when I was in Grade 2 – living down there on Shaw Street and going to Givens Street Public School where many of us joined every reindeer game & activity possible, through parks & rec at Trinity Recreation Centre, in Bellwoods Park.

    I wasn’t that unique or bad being a “latchkey” kid in Grade 2 – because Mom, like many other Moms had to go to work to earn that whopping $1.25/hr. and worked her tail off raising a family, like all good Mom’s do to this day, right?

    And, no matter how busy she was, never missed a chance to remind me of important social skills like: minding my manners, never go anywhere with strangers and this one every time I walked in the door – take those shoes off & head straight to the nearest sink to wash those dirty hands, mister!

    (I know she loved me. But, for some reason or other she did NOT like my lovely “art work” on her clean walls. Beats me?)

    Stuff like that quickly became second nature, for all the right reasons. And, those watchful neighbourhood types.. they’d chip in & call you out if & when you strayed to far from those old fashioned social rules.

    You learned fast, or less.

    They had no time for “helicopter” parenting, and you toed the line lickety split because our folks had long memories. (Damn, often it was like French Civil Law – guilty until proven innocent.)

    So, here we are, Spring 2020 and some things don’t really change – and that is that parents still worry about their kids, just differently these days.

    We were lucky when we were told to, “Get out there! Go blow some stink off. And, don’t be late for supper!” (Yes, Mom.)

    The school yards & local parks always had a game going on. It’s where you sharpened your hand/eye coordination and learned to give & take, in multiple sports & games, all four seasons.

    Carried our own hockey equipment, too.
    (Yeah, walking from home to the rink and back with our mates, just like the big guys.)

    Anyway, tighter leash these days.
    And, I get it.

    It’s just a sad commentary, just like Cat’s wonderful folk song,
    “Where Do the Children Play?”

    He had good reason for concern then..
    probably even more now, 50 years later.

    Don’t go listen to it now. As great as it is, it’ll make you even more sad & miserable than you already may be, for gawds sake. Don’t do it. )

    Oh, and thanks..
    ..it’s been a fun distraction.

    (And, I did see a “Maple Leaf” bear around Farnsworth & Queenslea, while out for a long walk. Cutie.)

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