A reader asks: Any old photos of Emmett Ave?

A Mount Denizen and Carleton Professor (you think you have a tough commute?) is looking for photos of Emmett Avenue, particularly the spaces in and around 55 and 65 Emmett Avenue.

Professor Singh is especially interested in pictures of the pool and what was known as “the pool roof” playground.

There used to a sizeable indoor pool accessible from the B2 level of 55 Emmett, and above-ground over the pool there used to be what was called “the pool roof”, a space where kids could run and play, adults could meet and take walks, etc. 
What has replaced that lively and beautiful space of physical and social activity is just this deserted parking lot you can see in the images below. One picture looks toward 65 Emmett, one looks toward 55 Emmett, and one looks out the window from the B2 level at 55 Emmett (this view used to peer into a fairly nice indoor pool). I somehow don’t have any pictures of the pool or pool roof, but would love to get my hands on some. If you have pics that you can share, please email me at . If I end up writing anything that gets published anywhere, I will be sure to give you full credit for any picture(s) I end up using!

Professor Singh’s interests in the space are both personal and professional. He was born and raised on Emmett Avenue, and he researches child development—of which play spaces are one part.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.