St John’s Advisory Council co-chair explains move to Swanek Park

Dave Bennett, co-chair of the St. John the Evangelist Catholic School Advisory Council, answered my questions about moving the school to Swanek Park. Bennett stated emphatically that the board will not be expropriating the houses surrounding the park. “That is untrue,” he said, “There are 32 homes that go around Swanek. We need four. That’s quite a difference.” The four homes would be to create an opening to the park and would be sold voluntarily, he said.

Bennett also claimed, though, that the city will want to keep the total amount of green space the same as it is now. “If the city were to ask for [the same acreage of] Swanek Park to be there, it would be an additional 13 homes. That’s only if the city asks for that. Nothing is in stone. It’s all about the site”, he said. The city could also replace the green space lost at Swanek by creating parks elsewhere, he claims.

According to Bennett, the board is considering four locations in addition to Swanek:

  1. The former Beer Store lot on Weston Rd.
  2. Pelmo Park
  3. The grounds of HJ Alexander School
  4. The Visioneering land on Oak St.

The TCDSB prefers Swanek Park because it “is .8 km from the current site [and] almost in the middle of the catchment area for the school.” Further, he said, “the park size is more than what’s required for a school and our community would still have their park.” The other locations are all small and either close to the train tracks or the 401.

When asked what the board would do if they were unable to buy four contiguous homes around Swanek Park, Bennett replied, “That’s a good question.” Expropriation “is a process that is a last resort. They want to be good neighbours.”

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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Irene Verner
11 years ago

There must be something about our area that allows people to try to ramrod their requests through. The governments decided to split our town by spproving the express train to the airport, whether we wanted it or not.
Now we are asked to give up our homes. A site should be used that does not impose on the people of Weston’s homes. How cruel can you be.
What studies have been carried out to make this site appropriate. e.g. a traffic study, etc.?
See you at Swanek on Thursday.