A word about strategic voting

If my wife gets confused about civics, anyone can get confused about civics. Give me a second to explain strategic voting:

In this riding, only two kinds of people should vote strategically:

  • Conservatives who are worried about Paul Ferreira (NDP) winning
  • Greens who are worried about Laura Albanese (Lib) winning

Nobody else should vote strategically: in particular, if you, like my wife, generally are NDP but are worried about a Conservative Premier, there is no point in voting Liberal. It cannot make a difference. 

Here’s why: you can only elect your MPP. You cannot elect the Premier or the governing party. You get one vote: for your MPP. C’est tout.

You get to choose who sits in York South–Weston’s seat. The party that wins the most seats gets to form the government.¹

If you vote NDP and the Liberals win this seat, but the Conservatives win the most seats, then the Conservatives form the government.

If you vote Liberal, the Liberals win this seat, but the Conservatives win the most seats, then the Conservatives form the government.

If you vote NDP and the NDP win this seat, but the Conservatives win the most seats, well, there you go. You got what you could get. Voting Liberal would not have changed a thing.

Why, then, should the Conservatives and Greens in YSW vote strategically? With love and respect to Andrew Ffrench and Jessica Higgins, they don’t stand a chance here. Would that it were otherwise, but it is not; this riding has been a close fight between the NDP and Liberals for years. A conservative here would probably prefer a Liberal in the seat to the NDP, and her vote for Ffrench would be unlikely to get him elected. She should² vote for Albanese, to improve Albanese’s chances. Greens are the same, except for the NDP. (This assumes, of course, that the Tories have more in common with the Grits and Greens have a touch of orange. That may not be true, especially in this election, but I am done with this civics lesson now.)






¹ Yes, coalition governments are an exception, and they never happen, so whatever.

² “Should” is a funny word. I’m not saying this is the moral thing to do, just the realist thing to do.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

13 thoughts on “A word about strategic voting”

  1. Oh please. Horwath lacks total leadership and its become totally apparent this campaign. Im supporting Laura and the Liberals. Wynne is the only true leader that stands leaps and bounds above Hudak and Horvath.

  2. OMG what a joke Not Mad….Wynne was a part of every scandal and laura has proven to us she is there merely to keep the seat warm….we already had nunziata for that……if you can’t remove the blinders from your eyes and see its time to vote in a new person, then there is nothing that can be done for this community…..

  3. Paul is in politics for himself and his much undeserved, overinflated ego, not the people. Vote for him and you will see.

  4. Thank you Adam, and I was confused about the Tory threat too, and definitely agree with the need for a new (or any) voice for this riding, served so badly as it is by the incumbents.

  5. This Eric must either hate Paul, or works for Laura…..all politicians are in the game for themselves…they get a decent pay, excellent benefits and pension, perks….connections etc…..so spare us your hate on Eric and vote for Paul.

  6. youre making it sound like every vote doesnt count… every vote that leads to a liberal seat could make a stronger liberal govt (minority vs majority)… a vote for paul is a vote for horwath who has forgotten the roots of the ndp party… paul will just continue her vision which as she says is good for all ontario… conflict: you cant be good to labour (minimum wage, unions) if youre good to business… what will she push for? not for you… shes already trying to get business on board (and failing)

    1. That’s EXACTLY what I’m saying. You don’t sound like you’re an NDPer, but if, like my wife, you waver between the NDP and the Liberals, voting ‘strategically’ is not voting strategically at all: your vote is not for the leadership; it is for the seat.

  7. Liberals NDP are the same. Both will take this province into financial ruin on the backs of my children. PC’s are the only ones that really care about the public purse. Hudak may not be the best PC leader we’ve ever had, but it does not matter. We can’t continue down this track of massive deficit spending. The chickens will come home to roost sooner rather than later.

  8. I do vote for leadership actually. My point is that the liberals and ndp are becoming one and the same. I voted for Layton a couple of times. However, I do feel that Wynne is the better leader this time around compared to Horwath.

  9. @the truth: there is no public purse with the conservatives… all hudak wants to do is cut taxes for his friends and then charge you for everything… there is no public purse to speak of… its all divided we fall with the conservatives… do you have the money to pay for your and your familys health care and education with all those tax dollars hudak will save you? shocking!

    the problem in ontario isnt SPENDING its the lack of taxes being COLLECTED by the govt…

  10. I don’t get it. If I vote ndp like I normally do and Paul gets in, doesn’t that help hudak?? There is no fucking way I’m going to vote ndp this time, ESP since Horwath is starting to sound a lot like hudak herself. I think she might be on something…. like maybe she parties with rob ford.

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