A worthy celebration

On Sunday November 13th, the Weston Lions Club and many dedicated volunteers gathered together to celebrate the end of an amazing baseball season. Every year the Lions volunteer throughout the Blue Jays baseball season at the Rogers Center, to giveaway some amazing free Blue Jays merchandise. The 13th was the day everyone who participated gathered together to celebrate the fantastic season, and the amazing things their efforts achieved. A grand total of 1,500 people helped the Lions this year, and many of them came out to the banquet; which was held at the top floor of the Weston Lions Arena.


All the proceeds from their amazing yearly efforts went towards the community, and the outside world. This year, funds from the Blue Jays and some of the proceeds from the Weston Lions Arena Snack Bar added up to a grand total of $75,000! Some of this money went towards Syrian Refugees, Fort MacMurry, post-secondary scholarships, the Weston food bank and a dog for a child with autism! The Lions pride themselves on giving to those in need and this event was a celebration of some of the spectacular things they have done this year. If this wasn’t amazing enough, the Weston Lions still have a full hockey season this year at the Lions Arena Snack Bar to raise even more proceeds for other great causes! Without a doubt, this amazing local club goes above and beyond to make sure the community and the world are being helped when they need it.


The Weston Lions Club is a not-for-profit organization that is the silent hero of the community. They are dedicated to helping the community, and the world through donating, volunteering and fundraising. Their work is done in conjunction with other Lions around the world, helping for the greater good. The Weston Lions give to countless local, international and national organizations, give deserving students scholarships and aid people in need. Without them, the community would not be doing as well as it is. They provide a beacon of hope to an endless amount of people, whether they realize it or not. Their hard work is all done from the goodness of their hearts and always is more than necessary. They give wherever, whenever and to whoever needs it; and never stop giving.

At the event, the group feasted on some great food and bonded over the amazing deeds they achieved this year. While they ate, they also had a draw so every volunteer could receive a prize. They gave away blue jays merchandise, gift cards and assorted chocolates to everyone who gave them a hand during the year. Everyone involved agreed the party was the highlight of their hard work; aside from knowing that many people around the world were prospering from it as well.


The lions never fail to make impacts in the community. For 75 the Weston Lions have been giving back and changing lives. Their huge hearts have never stopped helping and never will stop helping. This celebration happens every year and is the Lion’s way of letting the volunteers know they are appreciated and congratulates them for everything they do. The volunteers always take time out of their busy lives to help the Lions, because they know their efforts are for the better of the world.

As Winston Churchill once said, “we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” If his words are true, then the lions have made enough life to make themselves immortal.

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