A year in review: Crime in Weston–not-bad news

Toronto had a lousy year for crime, but Weston looked pretty good in comparison.

As almost everyone knows, shootings and murders were way up across the city. Less well-covered were the changes in assault, auto-theft, sexual assault, break-and-enters, and large thefts. All these categories of crime saw rises. In fact, of the six categories of crime that Toronto Police track, only robberies saw a decline.

Crime indicators for Toronto

By comparison, things in Weston were good this year.  While there were dramatically more auto thefts, most categories of crime saw little increase or a decline.

Crime indicators for 12 Division

In 2018, 256 cars were stolen in 12 Division, 26% more than last year. This is pretty bad, no doubt about it.


Break-and-enters were down significantly from 2017. There were 200 B&Es in all of 12 Division, down 10%.

Robberies, the most common kind of street crime, and probably the crime of most concern to residents, were down very significantly. There were 15% fewer robberies than last year.

Assaults and sexual violations, however, were both up, 2% and 8% respectively.

Murders and thefts-over were also both up–but I rarely worry about these crime. While there were 50% more murders in 2018 than in 2017, that means there was one extra murder: we jumped from 2 to 3. All the alleged killers were caught. This is hardly the stuff of nightmares. Thefts-over are also an absolutely small number, so 14% jump, while relatively large, amounts to about 5 extra thefts.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.