A year in review: WestonWeb–our best year ever

WestonWeb had a cracking year–our best ever, in fact. We had more visits and more visitors than ever before.

People visited WestonWeb.ca almost 118,000 times. That’s astonishing! Thank you for stopping by!

I figured it was the election, but if I know one thing about you, dear reader, it’s that I never know what you’ll like.  The most popular posts were about running: Mark DeMontis decided to run for the PC candidacy (1100 views) and Atlantic salmon ran the Humber (900)

For years, I’ve felt like we’ve been losing readers on .ca to Facebook. That may still be true, because holy smokes do people read us there. We have almost 500 followers, and over the past year, we’ve appeared 71,751 times in your feeds. We’ve also received nearly 15,000 likes. Don’t stop now!


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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