A rich guy driving a hot Jag got out of his car and pissed on my street corner. That’s when I decided to start this blog.

I wouldn’t piss on a street corner in Yorkville. I wouldn’t piss on a corner in Jane-Finch. I wouldn’t piss on anyone’s corner. I was furious—I still am furious—that some motherfucker thought he could piss on mine.

My wife and I are raising two beautiful kids in Weston, and I want to make it better.

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  1. What a wonderful idea and reality: the abandoned buildings are especially in need of notice, and the huge contrasts between life and decay here in Weston will only be remedied by awareness such as you’re offering.

    Excellent work!

  2. This is a great website, I lived in Weston for a few years and thought it was a boring dump but after finding this website I know about the events in Weston and I am looking forward to great changes in Weston.

  3. To be fair, he probably just quaffed down a few brews somewhere and didn’t think he could make it all the way home……. 🙁

    Note to self (or Adam for that matter):

    A valve stem can be pulled out of a car tire quite easily using pliers.

    That would leave the pisser pissed off. 😉


  4. Adam – What a great site! Thank-you for doing this. Weston is a wonderful place to live and we should toot our horn more often for sure.

  5. I’ve lived in Weston my whole life, from what i remember it used to be a clean, vibrant, engaging, and welcoming community, where the word “community” actualy ment that the people were “communal.”
    Im only 20, but ive seen how this beautiful town has drastically changed and gone down hill. Im Tired Of The Dollar Stores! The Loan Sharks! how many nail salons do we have now? – I Miss the REAL Central Restaurant!
    The Weston Santa Claus Parade (was fun when i was 5) and the Canada day thing in Lions Park are the only really big functions we have now. We used to have block parties in the summer, like when the Farmers market had its grand opening. People new thier neighbours and parents and families felt safe on the streets at night.
    My question is that Frances has been in charge of this community – what does she exactly do?
    I think i have rambled enough, but this is my home, and im passionate about it. Hopefully, since we have no choice when it comes to the new added GO trains and airport rail link. We should make it our own and turn Weston into a major uptown hub, and give it the attention deserves from the city in which it has the potential to be a neighbourhood like bloor-west village or roncesvalles.

  6. This is an excellent website with the right community spirit.

    I did not know a lot about Weston but, in a short few minutes from this website and a few other articles one thing became very clear: the people of Weston are proud of their home and community and want to make it better.

    Keep up the good work.

    Nazaar Shadir

  7. I like this area, but we still have some bad apples. We should do something to get them out, but I think alot of people dont want to get involved

  8. I haven’t toured weston road in ages. I pass by there every month, but have not taken a good walk around the area.

    I grew up in Weston. It is the place where I call home. I realize with urbanization Weston Road has changed. Some say this is for the better and will usher in new era for Weston…but I miss the old Weston.

    I remember the Biway was where Asian Supermarket is now, the Popeye’s was a Burger King. The Homesense near Weston and 401 was a Toys R Us (where my parents took me after every decent report card :)). I remember a lot of things about Weston.

    The Santa Claus parade was great especially with the free hot chocolate. I was also part of the Scouts group there.

    Oh Weston how I miss thee 🙁

  9. Thank you for setting up this website/blog, as I beleive that Weston can become the next great neighbourhood in the city. Let’s not reminisce about how Weston used to be…but come together and make it a great place once again!

  10. Thank you for setting up this website, we’re looking to buy our next family home in the area near Lawrence / Jane and are a bit concerned about the crime / neighbourhood problems … this helps a lot, though I’m still a bit worried about the crime reports I’ve read here …

    keep up the good work!

  11. Great site, this is a great place for the community to get together!
    My Fiancé and I are moving into Weston soon, yes we are apprehensive because we too have read the crime reports… It seems closer to the 401 is a better area/new homes than the south of Weston (Mount Dennis for example)… but still, we are very excited about moving here and being a part of the community. We’re a young couple moving from Liberty Village into our first home in Weston!

  12. I stumbled upon this website earlier today while searching for info on Weston, where my husband grew up and where I have been living with him for the near-decade since we got married. I love this community, and I love that you – Adam – have undertaken this effort to facilitate keeping the rest of us informed. I wish I had come across the site sooner! An inspiring example of civic engagement … “Kudos”, “Thank You”, and “Please keep up the great work!”

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