ACORN may win one on landlords

ACORN Canada, the Weston-born anti-poverty group will likely score a win this week as landlords are not-quite-licensed, but close.

City Council is considering a motion that will create higher standards for landlords, who will no be required to

  • Register buildings
  • Track repairs
  • Manage pests, waste, and cleaning,
  • Use certified contractors for plumbing and HVAC

The city considered licensing landlords, but rejected the idea because regulation was simpler and just as effective.

Toronto’s inner suburbs, such as Weston, have some poor-quality rental stock; about a quarter of it is in poor condition, according to a survey conducted by the city and Ipsos Reid.

ACORN is a  started in Weston-Mount Dennis in 2004, and has championed tenant’s rights and anti-poverty measures, such as payday loan regulation.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.