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Have I got a deal for you. You can

  • support great writing (i.e. not mine) and
  • feel great about yourself and
  • advertise to about 3000 readers and 160 newsletter subscribers on the only best blog about Weston

And you can do it for $30. What a steal, right?

You’ve met Lilo. She’s fantastic. She brings us a voice we don’t often see around here: young, vibrant, optimistic, smart, and awesome.

And she gets paid. By readers like you.

Lilo has a big heart, but I wouldn’t ask her to write for nothing. She is supported by generous readers. In exchange, I offer them a text ad at the bottom of the post they sponsored.

So how about it? Here’s the deal:

You give me $30. I’ll give every cent to Lilo, who will write a post about a topic she chooses. (Sorry–you can’t choose the topic.)

You get a link and a sweet little blurb saying something like this:

“If you can finish P&M’s Olympus burger, your meal is free. Your ambulance isn’t.”


And you get to feel awesome for giving just about the finest young person in town a good job contributing back to her community.

If you want to give more or less than $30, let me know. We can work something out.

Let’s do this.

I take Paypal, cash, cheques, and beer.

Already decided? Go for it. Click through. Or email, call, or text: adam (at), (647) 470-9229.


But wait. There’s more.

For $90, I’ll make you a great deal. I’ll put your ad over there on the right-hand side (rotating with the ads of other contributors so that people will pay attention to it) and you can sponsor three posts. I’ll run your ad for three months. And Lilo will get every cent.

That’s it!

$30—you are awesome. I love you. Your community will love you. You will put your name and/or establishment in front of thousands of monthly viewers.

$90—bulk deal. Three text ads, a graphic ad, and a huge “Thank you” from me and the community.

There’s some fine print.

The fine print.

  • If you decide to advertise, your ad has to be no less classy than the rest of the site (that’s not too classy, in case you haven’t noticed. But, you know, I’m not going to take advertisements from ‘massage’ parlours or whatnot.) I’ll refund your money if we can’t work something out.
  • I’ve already promised an exclusive real estate agent spot to Luisa, who’s been a devoted supporter. 
  • The text ads can be, say, 40-or-so words long.
  • Image ads should be 200 wide by 400 tall
  • Your money does not buy you any editorial control. This part is important: You can’t choose the topic of your post.
  • This too is important: don’t do this if you’re counting on making a million bucks from new visitors. Only do it if it makes you feel good helping a local young person.

Are you in? If so, click on through. Or email, call, or text: adam (at), (647) 470-9229.

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