Agenda posted for Etobicoke York meeting

The city has posted the agenda for the next Etobicoke York Community Council meeting, and there are three items of interest to Westonians.

Council will reconsider the application to demolish the Ward Broome building at 2431 Weston Rd. The initial proposal went all the way to City Council before Frances Nunziata called it back for a second look after residents complained about losing another property along a road with many vacant lots.

Community Council will also consider two traffic-related proposals. The first is to remove the “No Parking” signs along the south end of Uphill Ave between Woodward and Church and replace them with “No Stopping” signs. Uphill Ave runs right beside the Humber River Hospital, and parking on site is very expensive. Oddly, people with disabled parking permits choosing to walk in rather than pay.

It is currently illegal to stop on the north end of Uphill Ave. According to the staff report, until the “No Stopping” signs were put up, people with disabled permits had been parking there and obstructing traffic. They have now moved south and “Staff believes [sic] that the motorists parking in this area
of Uphill Avenue are avoiding paying for the available parking in the hospital lot and walking the extra distance to avoid parking charges.” The staff report does not mention the odd fact that people who have been issued disabled permits are able to walk 150m uphill to the hospital, and do so often enough that residents have noticed and complained. Your humble reporter has feelings about this.

Community council will also consider dropping the speed limit on Vimy Ave from 50 to 40 km/h. City staff say that the average speed along Vimy is actually only 35 km/h, and that the street does not meet the technical criteria to have its limit lowered. Nonetheless, they recommend dropping the limit since Vimy is the only street within Weston with a limit higher than 40.

In the past, Community Council has occasionally overruled staff recommendations.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.