Ah the good old days…

If anyone waxes nostalgic about how good things were back in the good old days, point them to this article about Charles Moulding, born in 1894, whose parents had immigrated to Weston in 1886. Charles was aged 20 when World War I broke out (the family had relocated to Collingwood by then) and although wounded several times, he survived the war.

Charles and a friend died in 1924 after falling through thin ice on Larder Lake in northern Ontario. His widow was unable to raise their (by then) five children and the four eldest were removed from her care, scattered to various homes and orphanages.

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One thought on “Ah the good old days…”

  1. First of all..
    nice to hear from you, Roy.

    Hope you’re well.

    Secondly, this is the stuff of legend & stunning screenplay when handled by a most able creative writer.

    So again I’ll say, the only thing all us “tough guys” have to do is what: wash my hands, where a mask and keep my distance when things get a little too cluttered?

    And what’s that?

    Don’t worry about soaking that mask in our own urine???

    Got it.

    Thanks for sharing, Mr. Murray.


    You’ve all likely heard many multi-generational songs linked to “Remembrance Day”, except for perhaps this one written by Bernie Taupin and his life long friend – some guy named, Elton John.

    “Talking Old Soldiers” from 1970’s, Tumbleweed Connection.

    If you have time for another perspective & story, give a listen. It’s easily found on line.

    Then if the spirit moves you,
    raise a glass.

    Oh, and one last note regarding “the 11th”..

    Despite pandemic protocol directives yesterday, it was very heart warming to see (and perhaps for the first time in this modern era around these parts) at least four different, supervised groups of students visiting the cenotaph at Little Avenue Memorial Park, during the noon hour. (!)

    To which I say..
    Good on all those local teachers with the presence of mind & willingness to take their kids out for a walk and some instructive air.

    Time well spent.
    (How could that ever hurt?)


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