Ahmed Hussen our new MP

Ahmed Hussen will be our new MP. Hussen, a Liberal, soundly defeated Mike Sullivan, the incumbent.

Hussen was born in Somalia and is the president of the Canadian Somali Congress. He is a father to two children and is a criminal and immigration lawyer in the east end. Previously, he was a community organizer in Regent Park and an assistant to provincial Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty. He has had, however, little profile in Weston and does not live here.

Mike Sullivan was soundly defeated—Hussen received nearly twice as many votes with about half of all ballots cast, while the NDP received only a quarter.¹ About 20% of residents are, it seems, die-hard Conservatives. The Green candidate, John Johnson, came in last, defeated even by the Libertarian.

The Liberals are the natural governing party here, and have been in charge since 1979, with only 9 years of interruption, five of which were under a defector from the Liberal Party.


¹ I wrote this before all the polls were in.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

7 thoughts on “Ahmed Hussen our new MP”

  1. Tough loss to swallow for Mike Sullivan and company. Does not do much to reward home grown local advocacy which Mike has done for many years, when someone from outside the riding parachutes in. Will be interesting to see what kind of investment Hussen can deliver to the riding given the he now sits on the government side.

  2. People voted for Justin and not Mr Hussen. Interestingly, the NDP vote in our riding held, but the Liberal vote exploded by 8000 votes. I hope that Mr Hussen proves his critics wrong and is active. We need a strong representative at the federal level.

  3. Voter turnout increased and went to Trudeau everywhere. Liberal voters were motivated this time to get out. Tough luck for Sullivan, but thats politics. There one day, gone the next.

  4. Not sure how one arrives at folks didn’t vote for Huseen but for Justin. Clearly – there is a Liberal wave but how you distinguish between who is motivated by the leader as opposed to the candidate to vote is near impossible. Any suggestions otherwise would point to animus against the Liberal MP elect.

    If Mr. Sullivan was such a great homegrown local advocate – the race would have been closer. For an example see the Ottawa Centre race where Paul Dewar – a really popular NDP MP – was squeaked out by the Liberals. Let’s face it – Mr. Sullivan was a low key backbench MP and a low key candidate in this election. I’m sure Hussen will do a better job than him.

    1. Oh right, and those McGill students that were elected in Quebec in 2011 won because of their credentials and not the Orange Wave. Give your head a shake, Ahmed got in on the coat tails of Trudeau.

      Paul Dewar has been in office since 2006 which aided in name recognition and he is the son of the former Mayor of Ottawa Ken Dewar and former New Democratic Member of Parliament, Marion Dewar. Mike Sullivan was only in office since 2011. To compare the two is delusional.

      Ahmed sits on the side of a majority government promising $10 billion dollars of deficit spending for the first two years, and something the $6.4 in the 3rd. Lets see if he can actually get results. I am sure he will have plenty of time contemplating the challenges YSW faces during his commute from his home in Vaughn.

  5. In party politics, everything is about the leader, and very little about the local candidate. No offence to to Hussen or anyone else, but he is as virtually unknown as Sullivan. Voter turnout did not increase across the country, and herein YSW because of the local Liberal candidates, so its fair to rationally come to the conclusion that yes, Trudeau did motivate people to get out and vote because he presented a compelling vision for change. And the difference between Sullivan and Hussen, well I’m going to go out on the limb and say that neither will do any better than the other. Actually, expectations for Hussen to deliver infrastructure investment and social programs to the riding will be much higher on Hussen then Sullivan since Hussen sits on the government side, whereas Sullivan did not, so we will see what type of influence he is able to have. .

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